Gulfport, MS
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Ask my husband Bob, I like to talk! I'm a jewelry nerd, animal lover, nature gal, city lover, traveler, and activist. I enjoy taking photos, volunteering, long walks with Bob, doing my research, being near and out on the water.

As a child I loved to look through my Mother's (Mas) jewelry collection. She taught me how to care for my own jewelry and helped my collection grow.

For years working in Community Mental Health we noticed how my collected jewelry was often a conversational ice breaker with stakeholders, community leaders, colleagues and clients. Today, I continue to collect, own and wear vintage fine and costume jewelry with joy.

Wearing vintage jewelry is a great way to start a conversation with anyone all over the world. Buying it is a kindness to the environment.

In honor of my Mas, jewelry and conversation, We've launched Mas Collected Vintage Jewelry to extend that love and conversation to you.