Brooke's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


A Promotion Team for Everyone

Green Team

We are a global community of green artists and crafters with a focus on artistic design.

Green wedding

Recycled and Eco friendly goods for weddings.

Handmade Philly - Philadelphia Etsy Team

Once the Philly Etsy Team, this member-run collective group seeks to further our city’s local, sustainable handmade movement.


The Homespun Society is a group of like minded individuals focused on the success of small home built business.

Life is Green. Make it Happen.

This team was created to generate promotion opportunities for your shop and your items.

Open Organic Team

Open team for anyone with an interest in organics.

PlayTime Promos

Anyone with a shop on Etsy is welcome to join!

Shop Dashboard

A Prototype team for sellers interested in testing the Shop Dashboard.