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Daytona Beach, FL
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Many know me as Venus Satanas - I'm a Satanist since 1992, and I've been writing about Satanism since 2004. In addition to this, I write for the Left Hand Path Books blog, a place where I can review books on Satanism and the Occult.

I am also the author of the Spiritual Satanist Prayer Book, a pocket-sized book filled with prayers, poetry and art for Satan's infernal realm.

Most recently I was invited to speak at Flambeau Noir - the premier convention for Left Hand Path occultists. It was an enjoyable adventure meeting some of the other great authors and artists in the occult.

I enjoy working with witchcraft and Tarot, and I have a room dedicated just for ritual work. I live with my loving husband Dave, two sweet cats who adore me, and a beautiful parrot that talks!

My latest adventure is the Dark Path Shop - since I've worked with Satanism and Witchcraft for so long, I know what people in the Left Hand Path need to create magic and ritual. My shop supplies Satanists and Witches all around the world with candles, oils, ritual tools and items, and other accoutrements that you may find in a Satanist's sacred space.

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