Stefanie's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

American Girl and 18 inch Dolls Accessory Artists

This is a team of sellers who create and sell things specifically for American Girl Dolls

American Girl Yarns & Threads

18" Doll Clothes & Accessory Designers & Crafters

Crochet Creations

A team for any crocheter & a place to share crochet patterns, ideas and more.

Crochet Pattern Testers

To help pattern designers find testers, and experienced crocheters to find patterns!

Daily Etsy Sales

A team for Etsy sellers who are aiming for those daily sales!


All About Yarn Creations!

Doll Cothes

This is for people who make and sell doll clothes!

Etsy Crochet Lounge

Crochet experts, hobbyists, sellers, buyers, and suppliers unite in a fun and relaxed environment.

Fashion for Dolls

This team is for anyone who makes clothes, dresses and accessories for any kind of dolls.