Barb and Ace's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

For the love of creating!

This team is for anyone who loves to use their imagination and natural talents to create things.

Genuine Handmade

For those who make and appreciate truly handmade crafts.

Halloween 24/7

A team for sellers of Halloween goods and buyers who love Halloween goods!

Handmade Shops With Less Than 50 Sales!

This Team is for shops with less than 50 sales. Let's help each other out by promoting our treasuries and listings!

Heinz 57

For any and all Etsians (buyers or sellers) who have a Heinz 57 dog. Whether you got it from the pound, your neighbour, welcome!

Hugs BNR/BNS Team

A team for those who love BNR's/ BNS's or both and want to participate in them while helping each other out.

Hula Hotties BNR

This team is open to everyone who loves to BNR. Your shop can gain great a exposure and it's a good way to meet fellow Etsian's.

Irihana BNR Team

For anyone who wants to know when Irihana's BNRs are happening!