Marjorie Kemp's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Beading: Its not just for Jewelry

Beading can be an art that isn't just for jewelry


Open to bead makers and collectors of all kinds. If you love beads, get in here!

Etsy Natural Healers Guild

Etsy Natural Healers Guild is a community of like-minded Etsy sellers who share the love of nature's miraculous gifts.

Handmade Chicago - Northwest Suburbs

A collections of crafters/creators/artists that reside in the Northwest Suburbs of Chicago

Artists in the Greater Chicagoland area

Northern Illinois Etsians

This is for Northern Illinois sellers.

Taoist Teahouse

Meditate in our virtual teahouse! A team for Taoists, students of Tao, Zen, Confucianism, Buddhism, or for the mindfully curious.

The Good Life

In short: "The good life"