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{please scroll down to see limited edition/seasonal scents}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~all fragrance oils are high quality and phthalate-free~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*these scents contain a percentage of pure essential oils and/or an all-natural fragrance oils.
**these scents are 100% pure, all-natural high quality essential oils

~~~~~~~~~~~~BRIGHT CITRUS & TROPICAL FRUITS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*BLOOD ORANGE & HONEY: tart blood orange meets the sweetness of summer honey. the…

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Favorite materials

rosehips, cardamom, honey, clementines, vanilla beans, goats milk, coconut oil, lanolin


natural bath and body products. simple....


{please scroll down to see limited edition/seasonal scents}

~~~~~~~~~~~~~all fragrance oils are high quality and phthalate-free~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*these scents contain a percentage of pure essential oils and/or an all-natural fragrance oils.
**these scents are 100% pure, all-natural high quality essential oils

~~~~~~~~~~~~BRIGHT CITRUS & TROPICAL FRUITS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*BLOOD ORANGE & HONEY: tart blood orange meets the sweetness of summer honey. the warmth of the honey anchors the citrus and leaves you smelling fresh and lively. blood orange essential oil and all-natural honey fragrance oil. 100% natural.

GUAVA + FIG: A gorgeous fruity blend of sweet apples, cassis and fresh pear blended with the bright tropical notes of guava with the warmth of Mediterranean figs. Fragrance oil.

*JOYFUL: the fresh burst of pink grapefruit and tangerines gives way to the warmth of vanilla and the seduction of the ylang ylang flower. irresistable. charming. lively. this is my desert island perfume. as in "if you can only have one perfume on a desert island for the rest of your life, which would it be?" joyful. hands down. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend,

*LEMON GINGER GRASS: an upbeat chorus of lemon and other citrus notes blend with ginger and a touch of geranium to create this light and energetic scent. Notes of fresh cut grass lends a distinctly "summer" edge to this blend. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend,

MANGO COOLER: Zesty citrus notes of mandarin & tangerine with soft apricot blended with zippy pineapple and sweet juicy mangos. Fragrance oil.

SWEET ORANGE & CHILI PEPPER: Sassy citrus notes of Valencia orange, sparkling bergamot and tangerine zest blended with tart cassis and neroli giving way to the saucy notes of ground pepper and fiery chili pepper. Fragrance oil.

* VALENCIA ORANGE: Splashes of bright citrus featuring sweet orange, zesty lime, pink grapefruit and juicy tangerine tamed with a splash of cedar atlas that is both calming and grounding. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~FRESH & HERBAL SPA SCENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

AVOBATH (TYPE): Bright. Uplifting. Fresh. This fabulously clean and energizing spa scent contains notes of lemongrass, bergamot and lemon verbena. It will make you pucker! Fragrance oil.

*FERNS: a distinct blend that combines notes of orange, cedarwood, ylang ylang, eucalyptus, juniper, clove and lavender. a subtly earthy, long-lasting scent that is lush and very "spa like". those who enjoy the aveda shampure scent will fall in love with this. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend,

*ROSEMARY MINT: crisp. invigorating. refreshing. the sharp mint notes (peppermint & spearmint) in addition to rosemary and eucalyptus will certainly get you up and out the door in the morning! Essential oil/fragrance oil blend,

~~~~~~~~~~~~~ CRISP OUTDOORS & WOODSY SCENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

**NORTH SHORE: a recently revamped (fall 2014) blend of cedarwood, bergamot and Siberian fir along with other woodsy-type notes. this scent is inspired by the North Shore of Lake Superior and smells like the great outdoors! 100% essential oil blend.

*NORTH WOODS: a gorgeous blend of cedarwood and sage, combined with fir needle and deep pine scents that will take you back to that favorite cabin "up north". essential oil/fragrance oil blend,

*SKOGEN: A Swedish word meaning Forest, a great year-round evergreen scent that is perfect for the holidays. forest scents of pine, eucalyptus, fir needle and cedarwood blend with calming notes of lavender and petit grain to make a brilliant and complex year-round scent. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend,

**WOODLANDS: a deep, woodland fragrance that captures the crisp notes of lavender and fir needle with the warmth of frankincense, myrrh, cedar atlas and vanilla notes. An all-natural essential oil blend. 100% essential oil blend.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~EXOTIC & FLORAL SCENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*ISTANBUL: notes of frankincense, myrrh, vanilla, and ylang ylang create a heady, sexy, and intoxicating experience. indulgent and decadent. those who covet rich fragrances will enjoy this scent blend. inspired by the spice markets and bazaars of istanbul. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend,

*MADAGASCAR:(formerly HERS) Notes of rich ylang ylang are seduced with a tease of jasmine and softened with sweet and creamy tropical vanilla in this beautiful floral fragrance. Essential oils/fragrance oil blend.

SEDUCTION: (lush dupe): Soft and sensual floral notes of jasmine and ylang ylang combine with clary sage in this exotic journey of the senses. Fragrance oil.

**STOCKHOLM: a warm citrus blend combining juicy clementines, the subtle spice of cardamom and the warmth of vanilla. Essential oils of clementine and cardamom, vanilla jojoba oil. 100% essential oil blend.

*VIENNESE MARZIPAN: the warm and inviting scent of almonds with just a touch of honey. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend.

TROPICAL TUBEROSE: Sultry. Lush. Seductive. A fragrant white floral, often described as creamy and warm. I read this description and thought it was aptly described, "Tuberose is illicit." Fragrance oil.

~~~~~~~~~~~~THE LAVENDER COLLECTION~~~~~~~~~~~~~

*EARL GREY: my preference in earl grey tea leans towards the wonderfully delicate lavender earl grey blend. this is my interpretation, with hints of both lavender and the classic bergamot, the only thing left to add is a touch of honey. lavender and bergamot essential oil/all natural honey fragrance oil. 100% natural.

*LAVENDER HONEY: pure lavender essential oil meets sweet summer honey. simple in concept, there is nothing simple about this scent. for lavender lovers who enjoy a touch of sweet. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend. 100% Natural.

*VANILLA LAVENDER: the warmth of vanilla and rich herbaceous lavender combine to provide a very relaxing and sensual fragrance experience. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend,


~~~~~~~~~~~~THE WARM & COZY COLLECTION~~~~~~~~~~~

BLACK RASPBERRY & VANILLA: vine ripened raspberries and juicy blackberries, softened with touches of dark plum, currants and rich sandalwood balanced perfectly with lashings of smooth vanilla cream. A fantastic dupe of the classic BBW fragrance. Fragrance oil.

CRANBERRY KISS: a lively & festive scent of tangy cranberries kissed with the delightful essence of sweet orange. Fragrance oil.

LEMON POUND CAKE: everybody's favorite treat. Bright notes of lemon zest artfully blended with almond paste, vanilla cream and sweet sugar. Essential oil/fragrance oil blend.

OATMEAL MILK AND HONEY: a wonderfully unisex blend with notes of sweet cream, vanilla, honey, oats and a touch of almond. perfect as a soap or sugar scrub! Fragrance oil.

VANILLA + BERRIES: juicy wild blueberries and blackberries & a touch of bergamot drenched in vanilla cream sprinkled with a dusting of raspberry sugar. Fabulous, fun and fruity! Fragrance oil.


~~~~~~~~~~~~COZY WINTER SCENTS~~~~~~~~~~~~~

BALSAM & BERRY: crisp balsam fir marries a cranberry bouquet for a festive holiday treat. Fragrance oil.

CANDY CANES: pure icy peppermint sticks with a dusting of sweet sugar sprinkles. Fragrance oil.

CARDAMOM MARSHMALLOWS: sticky sweet marshmallows enveloped with sweet and spicy cardamom = marshmallows for grown ups! Fragrance oil.

COZY NIGHTS: notes of nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, and rum....sounds very similar to a good old fashioned eggnog, right? Fragrance oil.

FRANKINCENSE & MYRRH: Classic combination of rich, warm, earthy and sweet. A fabulous meditative blend and a favorite during the holidays. Fragrance oil.

FROSTED FIR: Siberian fir and cedar trees decorated with zesty tangerines and woodland berries and frosted with sweet vanilla cream. Fragrance oil.

HAZELNUT FUDGE; decadent dark chocolate drizzled with chopped hazelnuts and a dash of vanilla. Fragrance oil.

ORANGE CLOVE: Classic holiday scent of oranges, studded with cloves and cinnamon sticks. Fragrance oil.

PEPPERMINT FLUFF: marshmallow fluff meets peppermint cream, which just happens to be laced with white chocolate. Fragrance oil.

PUMPKIN SPICE: Dark, rich and spicy with notes of cinnamon, cardamom and nutmeg. Fragrance oil.

SUGARED PLUMS: (available after Dec 9th) plum moscato almond with a hint of cardamom spice. Fragrance oil.

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