Scarlett F's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

16 Stars Support Team

A support team for those who do or want to make their Etsy stores their full time job.

California Chit Chat

Friendly, fun, casual and informative group of etsy sellers throughout California

Etsy Animal Artists

Team for active etsy sellers (only) with active shops who make and sell animal theme items of any material

Etsy Feminists

For women (and men) everywhere who support feminism and small business!


Etsyveg is a group of Vegans& Vegetarians who sell their handmade, vintage items on

Gardens of Etsy

A gathering place for the Art of Gardening and Natures Beauty

Home Decor Team

This is a place for all crafters who make a home decor items.

I {heart} Rescues

A team for anyone who has adopted/rescued an animal in need in order to provide them with the love & quality of life they deserve.

Original Concept

Each object created has a story and concept behind. What's the story of your items and what makes it original...?


Etsians who love to pin!