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Pauletta Brooks has art degrees from Hampshire College and The Fashion Institute of Technology and has been studying art and design since the day she could see. She worked for many years in the fashion industry as an illustrator, stylist and art director and then, one day, had that “ah-ha” moment! This came about when Pauletta was asked to style a fashion show for a line of simple black bathing suits. Not finding what she wanted in the way of accessories, she decided to fabricate her own jewelry to be worn by the models. Big, bold, tribal, and flowing down to the collarbone, her 26 pairs of one-of-a-kind earrings made their debut down the runway, and ultimately, were the showstopper! Buyers, curious to know ‘who designed the jewelry’, placed orders and provided the impetus and launch into this new career.

Ms. Brooks’ design work has since been credited in major fashion magazines and journals including: Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, The New York Times, New York Magazine, Details, The Daily News, and Ornament Magazine. Her crafts have been featured in Handcraft Magazine, Sundance, Plaid Industry books, at the galleries at FIT and at The Folk Art Museum of New York.

Taking inspiration from historical references in art and from the manipulation of the material itself, Ms. Brooks creates pieces that can be appreciated as mini sculptures as well as fashion pieces… complex, elegant, organic, tactile, modern-primitive, ‘wearable art’.

The mesh jewelry is fashioned out of a thermo-sculpture material. It becomes malleable when heated and then retains its shape when cooled. "I sculpt it and embed semiprecious minerals and stones, then color it, paint it, and finish it off with vintage chain and other findings. I love to recycle and refashion old pieces into new creations". These pieces are light in weight, and feel as if they’ve been dredged up from the sea from a mermaid’s lair or unearthed on an archeological dig!

Artist's Statement: "I’ve never been a peg that fits into just one hole! I experiment with all kinds of mediums... Whatever looks interesting or inspiring is fodder for manipulating into a wearable art piece or an art project. Many of these items were created as ‘play things’ from when my hands could not stand being idle or when my eyes just couldn't stand one more second being on a computer screen!"

All of the work is OOAK since it is handmade individually, piece by piece, although you may notice that some items can be replicated in style or design. Minerals and stones can never truly be duplicated and carry their own unique signature.

I hope you will enjoy perusing my Etsy shop and will visit my websites to see the other sorts of creative endeavors I partake in:
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IG: PBWearableArt

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