wendy's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

AAA Vintage Team


BNR Babes

Looking to help promote our fellow Etsy shop owners!


Buy and Sell Treasuries, Get yourself something from a featured shop and then your shop gets promoted in the next round!

Brilliant BNR, BNS, & Treasuries

A team for anyone who likes to participate in Brilliant, Beautiful BNS's & BNR's, Treasuries, Games, Contests and more!

Estybtsy's BNS/BNR Team

Want to know what a BNS is? http://www.etsy.com/teams/1153­1/estybtsys-bnsbnr-team/discus­s/9738864/page/1/

Etsy Pickers & Sellers Team

A group of Vintage Pickers and Sellers

Forever Etsy Friends

NO RULES. We are all about promoting each other and helping out all our team membersWe want to make this team fun..

Helping Hearts

Membership is by invitation only.

Hula Hotties BNR

This team is open to everyone who loves to BNR. Your shop can gain great a exposure and it's a good way to meet fellow Etsian's.

Jenuine BNR Team

BNR team for BNR addicts!