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UPDATE:3/7/2018 I'm Misty, but my daughters and I all use this account! I see this old ABOUT section is very old. My daughter Taylor is now almost 25, and my youngest Hannah is almost 19. Hannah has given me a beautiful grandbaby I'm always buying for and Taylor will soon be giving me an ex son in law :) You have to laugh about it cause if we don't we are crying, lol!! We three LOVE Etsy though.


I brush my teeth in the shower and I listen to my ipod till I fall asleep. I eat cupcakes for a midnight snack and by the looks of my fluffy physique, you can tell I have ALOT of midnight snacks!

My family is AMAZING!!! A-mazing I say!! I married my high school sweetheart and we have two of the greatest daughters. Taylor is my 17 year old and my "mini me," Hannah-Claire is 12. But actually, she is a pint sized version of my oldest niece Holly, freckles and all.

I AM A CRAFTER! I AM A COLLECTOR! I AM IN LOVE with ALL THINGS that are cute, unique, vintage, colorful, and oh so sparkly. I guess I am a little eclectic and shabby chic .

I am a scrapper by heart, but I love doing wreaths, embroidery, crafts, cooking, and machine sewing. I will try anything. If you have a picture of something you want, I can make it. If not, then I will die trying. I love a challenge!

Years ago I was huge in the scrapbooking scene, submitting my work and teaching classes. I was published many times in a number of magazines, but I got tired of the backstabbers and phonies. I was spending too much of my time explaining my work instead of doing it. It got where the joy in it was gone. I hated the negativity people said about others work. There is so much beauty in crafts. One of the things I love most is looking at others work. Seeing the time and the love they put in a piece of their work is terrific. You may not particularly like it, but you can see the work they put into it. I think everyone has a gift in something and should dabble in the “craft!”

My Nanny, who it is heaven, got me to loving antiques, vintage items, and quilts. She also is the one who taught me to cook and sew. I love her and miss her dearly. Even up to the day she passed, there was a craft on her kitchen table. She drew, painted, and had a passion for making things that she passed on to me.

I collect vintage aprons, vintage embroidered table runners, table cloths, hand towels, hankies, okay...anything vintage and embroidered. My antique china cabinet is full of little beauties of glass, wood, cloth and metal.

I am a little nutty and highly medicated, but the meds make me the fun loving heifer that I am today.

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