Julie Behm's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.


This is a team of Alaskan Etsians.


For crafters in the Anchorage, Wasilla and Palmer Area


The ART Team is open to all buyers, collectors, and artists

Arts Business Institute

We're Etsians ready to help you branch out into selling to shops. Some Biz Teams permit posting of work for sale- Please NOT here!


Discussions is a place to get advice and talk about various topics with the community.


Team EBSQ-Etsy is comprised of Self Representing Artists who are members of EBSQ, whose artwork can also be found on Etsy.

Etsy for Charity

Hand-making A Difference! We are a group of people who loves to contribute to the community with our crafts.

Etsy Illustrators

For creators and fans of art and illustration.

Etsy Rabbits

Etsy Rabbits is an international team of buyers and sellers: artists, designers, crafters and collectors who love bunny rabbits & hares.

Fine Art Friday

A celebration of Fine Art on Etsy.