Irith Mashiah's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy Handmade and Vintage

We are a team of Handmade and Vintage Artists who believe in our products and most important believe in you!

Etsy In Crowd

For Etsy sellers that are successful and Serious

Etsy On Tumblr

A team for Etsy sellers with a Tumblr blog to share advice and tips, to find, follow, re-blog and help promote each other.


Share and promote your items .. also share and promote others to have viral promotion

Etsy Promotion Forum

Anyone who wants to promote their etsy shop, blog, twitter, facebook, etc. Replacing the Promotion Forum. A place where all teams can post

Etsy Promotion Society

Same as old etsy promotions thread

Etsy Relevancy SEO and Stats

Search engine optimization (SEO), relevancy, Shop Stats & GA - formerly CindyLouWho Team

Etsy Seller Tips, Resources and Guides from

Join our team to sell more, sell better and sell smarter on Etsy. I will be sharing resources from's blog (and others) here.

Etsy Shop Team

Shop owners promote here