Robin Hobbs' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Big Damn Crafters

A team of Firefly fans both buyers and sellers. Want to see more? Check out tag "teambdc" to see our items!

Celebrate The Odd

Help me find Odd Stuff to Feature

Cross Stitch Love

A team for Etsy members who love all things cross stitch!

Deviant Art

This is a team for an Etsy member who is also a member of the art site .

Etsy Animal Artists

Team for active etsy sellers (only) with active shops who make and sell animal theme items of any material

Etsy Misfits ♡

A melting pot of misfittery.♡


A team for people who love video games. No need to sell video game stuff in your store - all video game lovers are welcome!

Guess What ? Treasury Team

Treasuries created for fun contests, like guess what these items have in common & win a prize