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Spending my life near the Pacific Ocean has been endlessly fascinating and inspiring.

I admit to being drawn to sea glass, all glass, and nature in general, since I was a small child walking on the beach.

I created this shop to share some of the Ocean of the West - the Great Pacific - with you.

Here you will find sea glass and other fascinating items the ocean has chosen to re-gift to us.
CAUTION - NOT all "sea glass" sellers are selling 100% authentic sea glass. Please see the information below to determine what you are really buying, hopefully before you buy and perhaps mislead your clients and compromise your hard-earned reputation.

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Spending my life near the Pacific Ocean has been endlessly fascinating and inspiring.

I admit to being drawn to sea glass, all glass, and nature in general, since I was a small child walking on the beach.

I created this shop to share some of the Ocean of the West - the Great Pacific - with you.

Here you will find sea glass and other fascinating items the ocean has chosen to re-gift to us.
CAUTION - NOT all "sea glass" sellers are selling 100% authentic sea glass. Please see the information below to determine what you are really buying, hopefully before you buy and perhaps mislead your clients and compromise your hard-earned reputation.
Sea glass is perfect for creating beautiful jewelry and has a wonderful soft luster that could almost be described as a glow. Certainly it has a soft luminescence that is undeniably magnetic, as so many people are drawn to it.

The perfect thing about treasures found on actual seashores is that they are often "imperfect." The ocean leaves its imprint upon all it touches...many of them downright mystifying! Each piece of sea glass or sea oddities is 1000% authentic and shaped by only the Pacific Ocean.

Much like a 100% authentic diamond contains the flaws we call inclusions, so it is with sea glass. There is no such thing as "perfect sea glass." The ocean doesn't work that way. The beauty of authentic sea glass lies in the unique signature that the ocean stamps, chips, etches, and otherwise indelibly imprints upon it.

Making jewelry from authentic sea glass is about celebrating natural "flaws" instead of looking down upon them - much like our own!

Insist on the Best of the West. REAL sea glass for jewelry creations and designing you can absolutely trust...and so can your clients.

Nature delivers authentic beauty. Accept nothing less than the Best...for your designs, your own creativity, and your clients.

The recent popularity has caused many of the resources for collecting glass to dwindle significantly, except for what I imagine are deep sea pockets that continue to produce in limited color schemes.

If you are interested in ready-to-wear jewelry pieces that are exciting and nature-inspired, albeit sans sea glass, please visit my other shop:

At EVARO Design you will find all manner of classic, timeless, elegant, flirty and versatile designs for wearing with abandon and delight, gift giving, bridal, bridesmaid gifts, and treating that awesome person who does too much and is often rewarded too little: You. Adorn yourself with creations of beauty! Enjoy being alive!

Many people have no idea what is involved in presenting to them that little piece of authentic sea glass the are looking at.


Beach combing can be a very dangerous sport for those willing to undertake it. One may easily become so engrossed in searching out treasures on the soft sands that they forget the Cardinal Rule: Never take your eyes off the ocean!

You can be looking down to grab that fascinating piece of something that has caught your eye, while the ocean has just found your unguarded Achilles heel and chooses to be moody and pounce. Okay, so you get wet, no big deal.

Well, that isn't the whole picture. The Great Pacific can be tides, undertows, dramatic surf and moody tides can all pose a very lethal danger, and can easily sweep you into the undertow and out into deadly undertow or rip current that you suddenly find you are no match for. Game over. All for a little piece of frosty glass.

While this doesn't happen all the time - thankfully - and has never happened to me, it is an ever-present danger, and one you must never relent on keeping an eye upon while you are also engrossed in beach combing for mystery gifts from the sea.

I have read many websites who claim to be sea glass authorities. The first sound I heard after being born was the ocean. I have lived across the street from it. I am minutes from it just now. I can tell you that there is no "Be all, end all" rule with the ocean and sea glass.

The frost on sea glass is determined by how long the glass has been in the surf. If it has been out there for a week or 100 years, it is still sea glass! Does it "have those telltale little c's?" While this may seem crazy, some does and some doesn't...and I know for a fact, because I have pulled from the great sea all manner of the craziest things you could never think of. Yes, sometimes there ARE little c's and sometimes there are NO little c's, and I am pulling the glass right from the ocean's mouth, so I can tell you first hand. The ocean makes and plays strictly by its own rules.

You just Never know What the ocean will present you with - danger included!

I love all types of glass - light frost (the Newbies) as well as the pieces that have been in the ocean so long and are so frosty you can barely tell they are glass!

There is any number of range, shape and size, as well as levels of frost from the length of time the glass has been in the ocean. You will get different coatings from less salty water, as salt is very corrosive and leaches elements from the glass the longer it is in the sea...but the ocean reserves the right to make its own rules, and I have pulled all sorts of everything from it.

Anybody offering you true sea glass realizes what a grueling labor of love it is to harvest. Dangerous and long, while it can be largely enjoyable, walking down a long stretch of beach hunched over at a 90-degree angle is not as fun as it sounds!

I LOVE different colors of frosted glass. I love glass. I love sea glass. I would never compare frosted glass to glass I have painstakingly harvested from the seaside.

Beach combing requires patience, persistence, good muscular tone, a good back, SPF lip balm, a good hat, and the devotion to keep going to that next great find.

Frosted glass can be created in colors that are awesome to work with for jewelry purposes. Frosted glass isn't true sea glass. Anybody claiming they are selling sea glass if they are selling chemical or tumbled glass risks their reputation and their shop if they are found out.

Basically, sea glass is just the ultimate in recycled Beautiful Garbage.

If you are finding lots of glass for purchase in a rainbow of colors, look at the size, shape and uniformity of the glass. The ocean doesn't produce a perfect, flawless oval shape from every piece of glass it meets...and some colors of glass were never made very early on to have gone into the ocean when they were dumping real garbage into it. This is why it is so hard to find certain colors. They didn't exist, or were severely limited.

After collecting glass all of my life, it is pretty easy to spot those who claim to be selling sea glass that are selling something else instead with the sea glass label to get money for the glass.

I would encourage people to disclose when they are not selling authentic sea glass that they hand picked, or Know was hand-picked from the sea, because not only does your reputation rely upon that premise, so does the people who are making jewelry and telling their customers - perhaps mistakenly - that they are receiving true sea glass.

~~~~~~What you will find at Seaside West will be clearly disclosed as to what it truly is. You have my word on that. You can take that to your own clients in complete faith.~~~~~~

There will be a balancing of the scales at some time for those who are deceiving the buying public. There will be a backlash. Not only is it immoral, it is illegal. Fraud. I hope people will emerge from misrepresenting and simply offer their wares as what they are - tumbled, chemical-treated, etc. (Chemical treated glass can be dangerous, and you don't want it leaching if your baby put it in their mouth!). I believe the creative world will be able to open its arms to frosted glass and its beauty in creative design, even if it was man-made in a tumbler or chemical-bath.

Glass is glass. It is still beautiful.

Why are sea glass folk so puritanical about their sea glass and why it must be authentic? Because they Know first hand how grueling it is to find those tiny treasures and, like a real diamond vs. a cubic zirconia, only the Real is the Real. The diamond was created over millions of years of special conditions; the cubic zirconia in a beaker and rather quickly.

Everyone deserves to know what they are buying - by Law, so please consider this when you represent your own glass for sale to others. If you were the others, would you want to be sold a cubic zirconia and then you turn around and tell your client it is a diamond in that necklace or ring? Backlash. It will come.

Honesty is the best policy.

Genuine sea glass captures the sea it is created having a slice of ocean light around your neck or on your finger. Stained glass looks great, too. Perhaps as we forge into new creative endeavors together, we can continue to know what we are seeing and selling and buying, and appreciate ALL of the mediums we have to work with.

If you are a BUYER, KNOW that there are people selling sea glass in a parade of colors that nobody has ever seen come out of the surf in any but the tiniest quantities.

--Look at the uniformity of what is offered. There are differences to each piece. A signature that is identifiable. Distinct. If everything looks the same shape and too smooth a finish, it is likely counterfeit.

--Make sure that if you are fashioning jewelry for your own clients that you demand to know from the sea glass source you are looking to purchase from that it is genuine sea glass, otherwise you could open yourself up for a fraud lawsuit and liability for misrepresentation.

--Tumbled or chemical-treated glass is Not the enemy, IF it is disclosed that that is what it is. Fraud is illegal, and it perpetuates as materials are procured and sold to others.

--Most sea glass has spent hard time in salt water and has its stamp. Treated or tumbled glass has a uniformity that is too "uniform," and the ocean doesn't work that way.

If you are a SELLER, PLEASE know that people are buying your glass as materials for their own livelihood, and that livelihood and their reputation could be irreparable damaged if they misrepresent materials to the purchasers of their products. They could turn around and sue you for fraud. You have to ask if it is really worth it. (It isn't.) People need what they need. Please take the path of honor in what you supply. Sea glass is hand-harvested from the sea, hopefully by you. Grueling efforts go into it and the reward is in offering TRUE sea glass to others - you earned the right. Treat others as you would like to be treated, or you might learn that lesson that very hard way, and it will be completely NOT worth it when you are having to give a $5,000 retainer (as a tiny amount of a financial seed money to Start your defense) to an attorney...over Glass. Generate your livelihood providing genuine and truthful service to others...lest you find yourself on the short end of the stick when you place your trust in someone.

Yes, sea glass is beautiful, but it isn't worth getting lost at sea, smashed on rocks, a posture like Quasimoto, or a psychotic obsession with collecting the stuff that overtakes basic common sense. Perspective. Let's retain our perspective.

What we can create with many mediums is, in many ways, far more fascinating than a diamond, even if it is merely glass...of any source.

Have fun!!

~~~~~~~~~~~Seaside West~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

LEGAL: By purchasing any sea glass, glass, or any materials from seaside west, you agree to assume the full responsibility for the way in which the materials are used. While sea glass and other forms of glass may not contain cut-sharp edges, there will by pieces sold with angular edges to lend to an "edgy" look in allowing jewelers, artisans and crafters to explore Edginess and represent it in their own works, or perhaps you just want an Edgy piece to make for yourself. Seaside West can in no way be help responsible at any time for what you choose to do with the materials you purchase here. You agree to use the materials in a responsible and non-dangerous manner. Some of the things the sea throws back onto the shore ARE downright crazy...and would make FABULOUS jewelry or lend an amazing edge to creations you might dream up or have in mind. The pieces I am most attracted to ARE the edgy, crazy, and wild...just an exciting slice of capturing the ocean power and enchantment. So, proceed knowing full well, this is still glass and other crazy material, and that you will assume the full mantle of responsibility for Anything you choose to do with any materials purchased from Seaside West.. Please feel free to convo me with questions!

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