Shauna Bonilla

Tucson, AZ
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I LOVE crafting. I've been doing it from a very early age...What started with coloring as a child turned into a love of color and a passion for hand made things. I'm a Jill-of-all, as I haven't picked just one thing I LOVE to do above all else.

I enjoy working with my hands and creating something new and special from the most mundane things. I started beading in 2008, and my creativity took off from there. I'm always trying to push the limit, and recently I have been enjoying creating jewelry from paper made in Japan.

I've been crocheting since 2003 (self taught), and I'm always buying new patterns that test my abilities. I like difficult projects that really make me think about what I am doing.

I've been card making and candle decorating for the last year, and I have been enjoying it so much! It's been very rewarding creating something lovely out of bits of paper.

And as I learn new techniques, you can benefit!

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