Kim and Tasha's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Canada Post Shipping Labels Prototype

A team for sellers to test purchasing and printing Canada Post postage on Etsy!


Open to ALL shops and shoppers based in CANADA

Capital Crafters

Capital Crafters: Home of the Ottawa, Ontario Canada Etsy Team!


Find out more about Craftcount, the Etsy Top Sellers tracking app and join the discussion.

Fabric Wranglers!

For people who sell and love fabric and other sewing supplies.

Fabricaholics Anonymous

Fabric collectors show us what you do with what you horde ;)

For the Love of Babies

A team for those of you who create any and everything for little ones.

Handmade Canada

This is a group for all to support and get to know each other, for that reason I'd encourage member to participate at least once a week.

Just Sewing

The place for sewing talk.

Keeping Up With CPSIA

Etsy members gather here to discuss issues related to CPSIA and children's product safety.