Steffany's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Christian Etsians

For all the Christians out there on Etsy

Christian Networking

To find members of this team simply type "christnet" in the search field under (all items).

Craft Fairs... it's a living!

For members who make their living at Craft Fairs.

Critique Me

Advice or a critique for your shop?

Designing Artist Womens Group (DAWG)

We love the Lord! We love to Paint, Draw, Photograph, Mix Media Art, Craft!! If this fits you come join the fun!

For the Love of Babies

A team for those of you who create any and everything for little ones.

For the Love of Yarn

For everyone who is addicted to knitting and crocheting with yarn.

How does she do it

Come on ladies lets show off that we can do everything !! Craft business, work and most importantly Family.

Metro Detroit Etsy

For active Etsy sellers located in the 9 county Metro Detroit area.