Nicole Isaacs' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Big Etsy BLITZ

Blitzing our little HEARTS out!

Central Washington

This team is for any Etsians who live in Central Washington.

Direct Checkout

This is a team for sellers using direct checkout.

Etsy Trade-a-holics

A network of etsy sellers that enjoy trading.

Inland Northwest Team

A location based team dedicated to creating an online community to raise awareness for handmade goods in the Inland Nothwest.


Etsians who love to pin!

Quick Wins

This is a prototype team help us quickly test and roll-out small feature enhancements.

Seller Opportunity Tools

Find new opportunities in Etsy's marketplace.

Shop Dashboard

A Prototype team for sellers interested in testing the Shop Dashboard.

Shop Stats Improvements

Help test and provide feedback on improvements to Shop Stats.