Lisa Neal Behrens' Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

100 Items

This is a team for milestones, support, advice, encouragement, promotion, and friendly discussion.

Christmas in July

Christmas in July is a world wide community-driven event that will be held July 2017.

Craft Fairs... it's a living!

For members who make their living at Craft Fairs.

Etsy Pickers & Sellers Team

A group of Vintage Pickers and Sellers

Fruit Jar Fanatics

For all lovers of Bail or Mason jars and their spinoffs.


This team will consist of New and Old Sellers on Etsy. We will strive to encourage and support each other.

He-Man Woman Hater's Club

Closed Cabal Type Team of Mysterious Secrets, now with 10% real juice!

Home Shabby Home

For die hard Shabby Cottage Chic fans. We Welcome you!

Just Chat Team

Friendly Chat Team (with voluntary Social Media Promotion). Speak freely here. Humor, Kindness and Tolerance welcomed. Agree to disagree.

Old Time Etsy

We are the Old Time Etsy Team- sellers and buyers from all over the world who joined Etsy in the early years (2005-2008).