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Custom made game mat compatible with Everdell (Unofficial Product)
Everdell Authorized Accessory: Basic Event Set
Upgrade Kit for Everdell - 38 Pieces (unofficial)
7 Items

Curated by Jorge

Colonizer's Cardholder | Card Holder for the Base Game and Expansions | Card Dispencer | Boardgame Accessory | Boardgaming Gift
Everdell Upgrade Kit (Unlicensed Product)
Unofficial Everdell® organizer / Unofficial Everdell® Insert / Unofficial Everdell® Storage solution
14 Items

Curated by קלמי

Everdell Special Event card holders
Feldherr Organizer compatible with Everdell - core game box
Everdell compatible stickers (Unofficial product) - 48 stickers
26 Items

Curated by Zoltan

Dixit organizer | Wood insert for Dixit board game | Storage solution | Boardgame insert | Boardgame organizer | Dixit insert
Tree Stump - Personal Resource Holder / Bowl For board games like Everdell - Unofficial Accessory
Space Base Shipyard and Card Holders
16 Items

Curated by wolfsong13