proud member of the etsy plush team! />
i also have a blog.
it gets neglected sometimes, but i've been trying to update it with new paintings for gallery ventures...

I am an oil painter from Pennsylvania.
I have a B.F.A. from the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, where I majored in painting and drawing.

I have been a professional artist for several years. I exhibit in local galleries, and have sold to individual collectors here, in the States, and also in Ireland and England.

i married an irish fella, which brings me to ireland to visit his family as much as possible.
i fell in love with the place and the people there.
i've got my irish citizenship, and someday, i'll move over!

i also have an 13 year old son.
and i have a dog named "dougal"

i was interested in coming to etsy to sell some of the smaller things i make in between big paintings. (i like to keep busy :) )

*****the weirdos...
I never really properly learned to sew, but I have watched people do it, and they make it look so easy!
So, when one of my family members adopted a little girl from Guatemala, I thought I'd make her a weirdo doll. Something that might help her fit into our weirdo family.
I learned a lot by trial and error.
I also learned that sewing is not as easy as it looks! (at least it isn't if you have no idea what you are doing.)

i have since made what seems like hundreds of them.

my son wanted one that was a zombie...hence, zombies were born...

i started basing the weirdo descriptions on myself. ie: my sugar addiction, fear of squirrels, painting, etc... they now have spread into descriptions of people i know, as well.

...i know a lot of weirdos ;)

thanks for having a look at my shop!

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