Tealady Ford's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Etsy's UK & Ireland Seller Support Team

Welcome to the official Etsy team for all sellers in the UK & Ireland!

European Street Team (EST)

A group of artists and crafters who sell on Etsy and live in Europe.

I Dare You: Challenge Team

Challenging team members to create and promote a new item based on a given theme.

Pretty Midlands

We make pretty things, and live in the heart of the UK

Shop Help

Few views? No sales? Ask for advice, promote your shop, anything you need to do to get your business going.

Student Sellers

A team for anyone who is studying in University, College, School and still manages to make some beautiful handmade stuffs!

Tea and Sympathy

Tea lovers, vintage china devotees, Alice in Wonderland fans and all those mad as a hatter for a tea party (not the political kind)!

UK Felt Obsessors

A team for all UK felt users!

Who loves felt?

For people who love working with felt and making felt crafts