Ang and Kelly's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

All Handmade by ME

This team is for artists and craftsmen who truly comply with the original spirit of Etsy. Members have proven to be genuinely handmade.


Open to bead makers and collectors of all kinds. If you love beads, get in here!

Bringing Unselfishness Your Way

A team that likes to support one another!

Cakes Crazy Treasury team

This is a team for those who love to make treasuries, bns, bnr, chat, and make sales!

Fun and Friends Promotion Team

Hello folks, If you like to promote and feel promotion is vital for your success I invite you to join. It's all about having fun!

Handmade Jewelry

For those who make and buy Handmade Jewelry :)

Irihana BNR Team

For anyone who wants to know when Irihana's BNRs are happening!


for people who buy, make and sell jewelry on Etsy :)

Make My Facebook Famous

Do you have a Facebook fan page for your store? Join the team to gain fans and promote your page for FREE with us!!