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You smell nice, but boring.
Original Perfumes for Extraordinary People.
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Retail and Wholesale - please convo for information. Sorry no consignment.
We require all business information at time of inquiry. See our main page.
E. Morrison designs the Theme line in New York. A professional photographer with a passion for fragrance and skincare, is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. She began her inspirational and influential photo career as an assistant to legendary photographers Arthur Elgort and Irving Penn. Her pictures have been published editorially in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Paper Magazine and she has shot visionary portraits of personalities such as Madonna, Daniel Day Lewis,…

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You smell nice, but boring.
Original Perfumes for Extraordinary People.
About -
Retail and Wholesale - please convo for information. Sorry no consignment.
We require all business information at time of inquiry. See our main page.
E. Morrison designs the Theme line in New York. A professional photographer with a passion for fragrance and skincare, is a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design. She began her inspirational and influential photo career as an assistant to legendary photographers Arthur Elgort and Irving Penn. Her pictures have been published editorially in magazines such as Vanity Fair, Rolling Stone and Paper Magazine and she has shot visionary portraits of personalities such as Madonna, Daniel Day Lewis, Debi Mazar, Natalie Merchant, Philip Glass, John Mellencamp. Self taught perfumer! A
"There is one terrible thing about Themefragrance perfumes... I like all which I already tried and there are only a few I haven’t tried yet. I like even the one which I'd never expect to. Of course some of them I like more, but there is no one which I don’t like at all. Truly amazing perfumes and very recommended place. I won’t stop until I try all of them:) My every order is always send very fast, products have very elegant presentation and
everything is always really elegantly packaged. Thank you for another great experience!"

All products are not tested on animals. All fragrances are original-they are not copycat perfumes!

I use both types of perfumery materials (standard perfumery and essential oils) as there stability issues with both and I would like to provide a consistent product to my customers-I cannot support sending out products that are different batch to batch. Please be advised you can be terribly allergic to all natural and or essential oils.
If you are allergic to plants or nuts you can be allergic to naturals! Allergies etc.
You can be sensitive to both natural and synthetic perfumes. Naturals come from plants which means, if you have any allergies to plant materials
you may have a reaction. I test all my perfumes on myself - I am a sensitive gal!

Person with sensitivities to any fragrance products obviously should not be ordering anyway. If you do have these issues and would like to try
wearing fragrance I would suggest perhaps trying a little fragrance by misting your clothes and see how you react.

Read about my bird obsession/collection in the Storque.

"I have spent thousands of dollars in the past 8 years on a personal fragrance quest. And I am happy to report that my quest ends here. Your Sarong fragrance is me in a bottle! I am stunned at the lasting power and quality of this fragrance oil! You mean I don't have to spend 100 bucks to smell like a million??! In these hard economic times it no longer made sense to be spending that much money on smelling good. And after trying your fragrances I now know I don't have to. Thanks so much for making these products available to us for so little money. They are instant mood lifters and I can't wait to smell them all! Now, if you would just make body products to match I would be in heaven!! Hugs to you- "

" I finally received your box, I was out of town and my post office
held it and I had to go and sign for it yesterday. It was worth the
wait, I LOVE everything, especially the Rich Body Cream. Love the Scent
#8 You also sent me a sample of soap which I have used every time I have washed my hands and the small glass bottle sample of Mantra which I tried last night before we went to dinner. I will be ordering again in the future. Thanks for all
your help with my order, Sincerely, BB"

"I love Theme Fragrance! Multo bella! I give it to all my friends, business associates and people I really want to impress with my splendid taste. I've never hit a wrong note. Au revoir, pay-for-packaging fragrances!"
Jacquelyn Mitchard, author, 'The Deep End of the Ocean' and 'Cage of Stars'

Piccolo Sogno Calla
"Not once or twice but three times, friends have literally demanded that I give them my cologne and I've had to re-order. People tell me that they spray the cologne on at night before bed and it helps them dream, as soon as they get out of the bath, on airplanes and in crowded city streets. There is simply nothing like it. I have way too much and I'm about to get more."
Jacquelyn Mitchard author, 'The Deep End of the Ocean' and 'Cage of Stars'

Theme Fragrance products are amazing. The scents--my fave is Sarong, but I adore Frolic, too--are delightful, long-lasting and packaged beautifully. Shipping is always speedy. I have never ordered a product from Beth that I haven't absolutely loved; she is one class act. Her products are consistently high quality at unbelievable value. I wear Sarong every day and get many compliments on it (and my DH is forever telling me how good I smell). Whether you are looking for a unique holiday gift or want to pamper yourself, you really can't go wrong with Theme Fragrance.

Mmm. Fabulous fragrance and superb customer service. The packaging is so pretty and the samples are lovely. I will definitely be back

O*BALMah! lip balms
Super fantastic, kept one for myself, one as a gift :-). Great product with a message and wonderful quality balm...the bomb! The fragrance cards are intoxicating and I cannot wait to try fragrance. Thank you so much for the super fast shipping and careful and wonderful packaging. Will be back soon!!! :-)

"I think I will be taking a bath in the bath powder that you sent several times a day. Thank you so much!!!!! I have 4 sisters and I've told them all about your site and given them the cards you sent with the last order.
I LOVE this scent! I grew up in Hawaii and it reminds me so much of a scent I used to get but can't anymore called Maui Rain. This scent takes me back to Hawaii every time I smell it.
Thank you, thank you, thank you! Have a great week."

"Just received these today. Once again, lightning fast shipping and great packaging. Theme Fragrance roll-ons are packaged in handy little lucite boxes that are slim and perfectly packable for travel. This new fragrance, Frolic, is summery floral wonderful and very long-lasting. I put some on after my morning shower and still get whiffs of it in late afternoon and early evening. It's a terrific product and a great buy, much better than you'll find at the mall in some fancy-schmancey department"

"These are great perfumes!!! The item was promptly shipped and I received the BEST customer service. Thanks!"

"Beautiful fragrance, super speedy shipping and lovely packaging."

" I am going to have such a wonderful time testing out each of these perfumes. I'm starting with Sarong and so far, it's a wonderfully sensual, warm fragrance. I sniffed the other ones too and I absolutely LOVE Love Letter. It's an unmistakable, unapologetic rose, but it's an incredibly modern take on rose. I was very pleasantly surprised. They're all absolutely beautiful. I will definitely be back for my favorite(s"

"I really purchased these on a whim -- cute names, and some fun scent combinations ... and I was pleasantly surprised. Initially, some of these top notes are just a bit sharp and bright for me, the middle notes are smooth, but the drydowns are the big bonus -- very subtle and warm. Wearable and surprisingly elegant. Definitely worth a try if you like fragrances that evolve -- thank you so much, Beth!"

"I love that I get this exquisite scent for .... coffee money!"

"I love all of these. I will be back for a large size when I can decide which one I love the most!"

"Absolutely wonderful! They all smell wonderful, but I tried the Sarong as soon as I opened it. I can't stop smelling my arm! Will definitely be buying some full sizes in the future!"

"amazing fragrance. i get so many compliments when i wear it. great store and great service."

"YUMMY!!! they are all so unique and amazing...lotus lake is my fav!! thanks:)"

Wanted to let you know how much I love this cleanser! I have very fair, translucent skin, that has been a problem most of my life. I began seeing dermatologists when I was only 10 for acne, and I still ended up with some deep scarring, and purple discoloration that takes literally years to fade. Because I scar with discoloration, I am not a candidate for any sort of plastic surgery for my skin (a whole purple face!!, possibly). My skin was never able to tolerate the harsh treatments I was given for it since it is so sensitive. Now that I am older, this is even more of an issue. Washing with a hypoallergenic soap can leave my skin feeling raw and burning.

The oil cleanser leaves my skin clean and soothed. For a bedtime treatment, I put the cleanser on and leave for 5 minutes, this moisten a cloth in warm water and lie down for another 5 minutes with the cloth on my face, then rinse as usual. Not only does my skin love this, but the wonderful scent is so relaxing!!It like a mini-spa experience!! Thank you so much for creating this product.

More info-

Just wanted to let you know about sampling my products. The samples are very concentrated. In order to test a number of fragrances without going into scent overload (where you cannot discern the notes from fragrance to fragrance) you should refresh your nose palate so to speak by inhaling coffee beans deeply about 10-15 times before trying another.

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I take pride in my products, product design,
photography, and product description-please note our copyrights and trademarks.


Handmade body products are fabulous to use and good for your skin, but their shelf life is limited. Unlike many commercial products, handmade toiletries do not contain the chemicals used to prolong shelf life and allow the product to survive extreme conditions during shipping. For best results, handmade body products can be stored in the refrigerator, or in a cool, dry place.
Keep all products away from children. As with any product, even natural products, they can be toxic if misused.

Essential/fragrance oils, salts, scrubs, herbs, sprays, etc. may aggravate medical conditions (for example, rosemary essential oil may aggravate epilepsy, or shea butter cannot be used by those with allergic reactions to latex). Do not use products with ingredients you have a known sensitivity to. Please do a patch test if you feel
you are sensitive to any body, or beauty products
including fragrance.

Do not use products on open wounds, or on broken or irritated skin. Products are for adult, external use only, unless otherwise indicated (such as with baby or pet products). If rash or irritation develops, discontinue use and see a physician if necessary. If eye contact occurs, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention if needed. Contact poison control center immediately if accidental ingestion occurs.

Preservatives help guard against contamination by microorganisms; however, my products, and are used at consumer's own risk. Many products contain expiration dates for safety, and lotion/cream labels contain a warning about safety. Bacteria can be introduced into products (such as creams, balms and scrubs) by dipping fingers into the product, or by letting water get into them.

We are required by law to carry the following warning: Our products are not medications/medicated cosmetics and they are not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any medical condition. Please use at your own risk, taking into account all personal allergies and sensitivities. In the even of rash or irritation, discontinue use immediately. When in doubt, please test on a small patch of skin before applying liberally.

Theme Fragrance and Body products are in no way intended to be, nor should be construed as medical treatments or cures for any medical condition. Our products are formulated and should be viewed as an aid for taking care of your skin but not as a remedy or medical treatment in any way. Information provided is not designed to diagnose, prescribe, or treat any illness, or injury and is provided for informational purposes only.

Always consult a medical doctor, or other alternative medical practitioner when suffering from any disease, illness, injury or sensitivity before using any new product.

While every effort is made by us to ensure that any information given is accurate and that any and all products supplied by us are of the highest quality, because of varying personal conditions, equipment usage, and clarity of interpretation of others, we take no liability for your implementation of products, or products available through this site or associated linked sites.

Please store all perfumes and roll-ons in a dark cool area away from sunlight. Heat and Light are not fragrance, and bath and beauty products friends! Vanilla scented fragrances will darken in time, but this will not affect the fragrance or
fragrance power!

My products from the product design (labels),the packaging and production, the perfume creation, are done entirely by me. These are handmade artisan products.

Safety Notice

Although we´ve made every effort through our research to provide these safety statements, it is advisable that if you are pregnant or suffer from an illness or disease that you discuss the use of essential oils or fragrance oils with a health care provider. There may well be other warnings that we are as yet unaware of, so please do some research before using fragrance or essential oils.

Please see DISCLAIMER before purchase under profile.
All labels, product design and photography, and products descriptions
Copyright and tm elizabeth morrison. All fragrances are original-they are not copycat perfumes!

This specially denatured alcohol is used in perfumes and toiletries and is undrinkable, yet usable for toiletries." and we are licensed to use and sell our alcohol based perfumes.
Due to our use of natural products there maybe some variation in color of our product with time. This does not affect the fragrance of our products.
Products are P-free.

Member of the Indie Beauty Network.

Theme Fragrance often copied never duplicated.

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