Jennifer Ramirez's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Cirque Social

This team is the literal meaning; Social Circus. A place where all Etsians are welcome to join and socialize.


Discussions is a place to get advice and talk about various topics with the community.

Etsy Amigurumi Team

The Esty Amigurumi Team includes makers, designers, designers and lovers of amigurumi (the art of knit or crochet dolls).

Etsy Colombia

Nos relacionamos con la comunidad creativa Colombiana en Etsy!

Etsy Crochet Lounge

Crochet experts, hobbyists, sellers, buyers, and suppliers unite in a fun and relaxed environment.

Etsy woodland home

The home of all nature beings!

Finland handcrafters team

A team for artisans, artist, vintage sellers and designers that live in Finland.