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Etsy Promotion and Advertising

Here you can promote everything! your shop, your new items, your sales, your facebook, pintrest ect.

Etsy Promotion Forum

Anyone who wants to promote their etsy shop, blog, twitter, facebook, etc. Replacing the Promotion Forum. A place where all teams can post


On Ownza, users create profiles with all the cool stuff they own and want--with links to the places (like Etsy) where people can buy them.

Sellers Networking Team

A group where Etsy Artists, Creator's and Shop owners can get together, network and build long lasting business relationships.

SoCal Etsy Guild

A team for people who live in Southern California or enjoy supporting artist from Southern California.

Social Media Marketing

This team is dedicated to helping our members grow their businesses.


Users post, collect and organize products and follow people and stores they like.