hilde vanhauter's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

Belgian Etsy Team

Team for Belgian Etsy sellers (and buyers)

Dutch Handmade

This is the ETSY team for sellers located in Flanders (Belgium) and the Netherlands.

Handmade Jewellry

100% handmade jewelry to share everyone

Jewelry Fan Club

Do you Fan Handmade Jewelry? Welcome!!!

Nederlandse Etsy Community

Welkom in het Nederlandse Etsy team, hier vind je alle (beginners)informatie die je nodig hebt om je Etsy shop te runnen.

Polymer Clay

Open to makers of canes, beads, jewelry, miniatures, sculptures or anything else in polymer clay. Tips, support, contests, answers & more.

Promote, Promote, Promote!

Promote anything and everything here without the restrictive rules and measures.

Promoting Your Shop!

Interested in getting new shop visitors/customers? I am looking for Etsy shops to team up with for giveaways, sponsorships or advertising!


A team for all 2,639,476 Etsy shop keepers and buyers to share in the wealth of this awesome marketplace!