weirdplush's Teams

Meet people with common interests and collaborate.

"Wear if You Dare"

Gothic clothing, accessories, bags, shoes, hair accessories, beauty accessories, jewelry

A Clockwork Orange

A place for artists influenced by the Steampunk sub-genre with its prominent elements of fictional technological inventions

A Nightmare on Etsy

We make what nightmares are made of. muahahah...

Dark And Unusual

A team for those who love dark and unusual impressions

Deviant Art

This is a team for an Etsy member who is also a member of the art site .


Some call it odd, we call it art!

Goth Etsy Finds

Helping small businesses to promote their shop.

Halloween 24/7

A team for sellers of Halloween goods and buyers who love Halloween goods!

Labyrinth Team

For people that like music, horror (or movies in general), strange things, and most importantly people with open minds.

Needful Things Dark Trading Team

Needful Things Dark Trading Team is a collection of trade friendly shops that enjoy the darker side of life and Etsy!