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between 17.09 and 03.10 we are on vacation. We will answer any correspondence after returning.

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between 17.09 and 03.10 we are on vacation. We will answer any correspondence after returning.


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Everything is beautiful, all that matters is to be able to interpret. Camille Pissarro

We have always been attracted to natural materials and raw materials. When creating our company, we wanted our work to focus on these elements.

Some time ago we stumbled across the book "Recycled Home" by Mark & Sally Baileys, which inspired us to focus our attention on furniture and furnishings made of materials obtained from worn-out furniture and wooden structures.

In the spirit of the idea of "Rescue, Repair, Reuse, Rethink" – an idea with which we wholeheartedly agree – we attempt to transform seemingly useless or discarded objects into practical and decorative home interior elements.

We are proponents of the eco-house philosophy. We make or transform all of our objects in order to ensure the greatest possible degree of natural processing., We work with wood and wood derivatives. We do not make items using chipboard or those that are artificially coated. We use natural veneers, wood stains or water-based paints. Our products are protected with oil, shellac, wax or water-based varnish.

Our work is a quest for quality. We want that quality to be visible in every detail of our work. What we do cannot be described with one style, name, or category, but rather represents a mixture of ideas that combine old and modern materials and forms.

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  • Marius


    Wood is a material that has always accompanied me in my life. Thanks to family tradition my grandfather, who was a carpenter taught me first, how to understand the essence of this material. And then how to build something useful from it.

  • Anna


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