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Everything has its time

Arty arty. it's simplicity, love for nature and dreams. Arty arty. it's also the way I started years ago when I was trying hard to find myself.

Do you know this feeling when you lack something? Something intangible? Longing for something not fully defined? It's funny, but most of the time, something is very well defined, we're just afraid to realize it. I know it today.

A professional nurse, trusting that every person encountered is an important lesson. A loving mother. A woman is aware of herself. In love with what is the simplest, in the delicacy and transience of moments, in the petals of flowers and the wings of butterflies, in mornings and fog, in the breath. The proponent of peaceful, conscious life and minimalism. An adept of the secrets of yoga, a mountain traveler. Eternal dreamer, seeking good in everyone and beautiful in simplicity. Deep in her heart, she believes that everything has its time.

I think it's time to tell you about what I'm really doing :)

I have been developing my Arty arty. the brand for a year. I create hand-painted bookmarks, illustrations, and personalized paintings, all in a fairytale, often galactic style. Mainly I work on my illustrations and their scans, and then I transform them into unique posters, business cards, bookmarks, postcards :) I have been doing this for a year before I did not believe I could.

In the fact that I can live on my way, I believed after giving birth to my son, then the whole world stopped, I stayed with him for a year, I started practicing yoga and it came to me that I have something that is unique. The desire to create, for others, the need to say that it is worth being in the moment and that it is worth being good to yourself. And so in the spirit of slow life and minfulness, I go step by step, carefully. And I started painting :) A lot!

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