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Bartosz Szymanik

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Want something unique? You came to the right place :)

The idea was my wife's. Mine is the execution. We work together to bring you something different, unique and personalized. You want something unlisted? Want different size? Want personalized project for your grandma's favorite cat? We make it - provided there is room for LED lights :).
We can offer you custom lighted signs (name in lights, light up wall art, light up letters, light up baby stats signs etc.). Home decor with a lot of lights!

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  • Bartosz Szymanik

    Właściciel, Projektant, Twórca

    Hello, I design and make personalized light up signs printing on canvas and battery operated (name in lights, light up letters, any custom lighted graphic for children). They are perfect gifts, unique room decorations and charming kids room lighting.

  • Ewelina Szymanik

    Asystent, Projektant, Twórca

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How long does it take you to deliver an item?

Once shipped the delivery times are as follows:

Poland: around 48 hours.

Standard shipping within EU takes up to 2 weeks.
Priority shipping should arrive within 1 week.
Parcel Service take between 3-5 days.

For United States it is usually about within 2 months for standard shipping.
Priority shipping is around 3-4 weeks.
Shipping by parcel service is around 2 weeks.

Australia and New Zealand may take about 1 week longer.

Please keep in mind that if the package is held by customs by any reason it may add to that time (does not apply to EU).

Can I cancel my order?

Yes you can. Provided that your order is not yet being processed. Please contact us through Etsy or by an e-mail.

Can I order different format from those that are available on the website?

Of course. In this case please contact us.

Do the colors of the prints match what I see on my monitor screen?

Colors may differ slightly as there are many different monitor brands and setups.

Are the LED lights used in your print safe?

As our lights are powered by batteries they are very safe. There is no danger of elecrocution or fire - LEDs do not get hot while using.

Are inks used in your prints safe? Can I use them in my kid's room?

Yes. We only use water based inks. They are completely safe.

Can I order different design from those that are available on the website?

Of course. Feel free to contact us anytime.

How are your lights powered?

Lights in our designs are battery operated. You need two type AA regular or rechargeable batteries to light them up.

How can I hang the print? Do you provide some hook?

Yes, every print has a small hook attached to it for hanging.

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