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Podsumowanie filmu: A short promo video of fall-winter 2019 collection.
Music by @joakimkarudmusic

Life is full of surprises.

It's 2012, a warm Saturday in May. I'm going to the shopping mall with my mum to buy a christening dress. Mum is plus size, she wears a 46/48. Hours of searching. Nothing. We go back empty-handed. Mum's clearly sad and dispirited. Me, I'm annoyed. Something breaks. I decide to sew the dress myself. I select the model of the dress that I prepared for myself. My mum likes the dress so much that she asks for five other colours. That's how my adventure with designing clothes and tailoring started. It took this moment. A push that would force me to realise that I don't really treat fashion and design as a hobby, that this is the career I want to pursue.
Tailoring has been close to my heart for a long time. After all, my hometown of Pabianice is the cradle of the textile industry. Also, I've had the opportunity to observe designers at work. The entire process fascinated me. I loved to see how something came out of nothing. Finally, I graduated from fashion design courses in Lodz. Honestly, though, I learn the most by creating dresses every day under my own brand: Karolina Garczyńska.
Choosing the name for a clothing brand is never easy. Dozens of fancy ideas always appear. However, I find the aphorism "the perfect is the enemy of the good" to be most apt in this case. That's why I decided to sign my products with my own name and surname. I'm responsible for them and I identify with them. Karolina Garczyńska is me.
At the same time, I owe my development and undying professional passion to you - all the women and girls who were willing to trust me and buy my dresses. And this group is growing every day. I'm extremely grateful for that!

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  • Karolina


    I love what I do and I put all my heart into it. Young fashion designer from Poland. Love colors, dresses, photoshoots and love to smile :)

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