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Pride 2021: LGBTQIA+ shops

June is Pride Month, and buying from LGBTQIA+ businesses is the best way to celebrate. So meet some incredible sellers who are part of the community and support their shops!

“I like to think of Show & Tell as joyful, inclusive, and optimistic—like a cool, quirky, and supportive friend. Our products are fun, bold, often colorful, and always unapologetic.”

— Alyah Baker, textile designer for Show & Tell

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“Jewelry is so often tied to a story. We hope our pieces inspire conversation between friends, family, and strangers.”

— Sydney Jackson and Casey Mattis, curators of BLACKFEMME

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“I hope that my works inspire others to be still, to hold space for themselves, and to lean into their own communities.”

— Chiomma Imani Hall, illustrator for Chiommani

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“I hope to use the struggles of my identity as a Black queer femme to shout from the rooftops that we exist. We create. We are living extraordinary lives.”

— Killian Knight, journal maker for Sorrel + The Sea

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“My pencils are declarations of pride or allyship that teachers can use in their everyday lives. Meaningful visibility matters so much, especially in classrooms.”

— Tamara Moore, illustrator for If Pencils Could Talk

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“My goal is to create things for those who don’t often see themselves represented, and help them be closer to presenting as their authentic selves.

— En Tze Loh, accessories designer for GRRRL Spells

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“Simply honoring our natural texture has become a political act. Figure that, not having to change ourselves to fit into the world, but changing the world to fit us.”

— Madin Lopez, founder of Project Qurls

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A quick Pride 101

When is Pride Month 2021?

Pride Month is typically celebrated in June, but different states and countries put on events throughout the year.

Why is Pride Month in June?

To commemorate the Stonewall riots. In June of 1969, LGBTQIA+ individuals rose up against a police raid at the Stonewall Inn in New York, which inspired more protests in the following weeks. These brave individuals fought for the right to be out and open in public without fear of getting arrested. It’s important to note many of the leaders of this movement were trans women and LGBTQIA+ people of color, a fact that sometimes gets lost when recounting these events.

Why is It Called Pride?

Organizers were creating a bunch of events to further the movement and wanted a word to unite them all. The word “pride” was chosen in an attempt to defy the bigotry aimed at the LGBTQIA+ community and encourage these individuals to fight for their rights by being out and happy with themselves.