Mary's Baby Registry

Event date: Apr 10, 2024
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COLUMBUS, OH United States
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Purchasing a gift on Etsy Registry is seamless and simple! You can browse the registry and once you find the gift that's right for you, simply take the following steps: tap the 'Select' button beneath the item, click 'Add to Cart' in the sidebar, view your cart, and proceed to checkout!

In order to purchase an item on Etsy Registry, you must first create an Etsy account. Have additional questions? Learn more about purchasing an item on Etsy in the Help Center.

Once you proceed to checkout from your cart, you will have the option to either ship the gift directly to the address specified by the registrants or have the item shipped to you. If you have other items in your cart, you will have to remove them temporarily in order to ship directly to the registrant. For privacy reasons, we keep the registrant address hidden during checkout. After you purchase your gift, you can easily check the shipping status of your order on or the Etsy app. Have additional questions on shipping and tracking your order on Etsy? Learn more about orders in Etsy's Help Center.

The seller you purchased your order from is the best person to help in the event of a return or exchange. Each seller on Etsy manages their own orders, and makes decisions about cancellations, refunds, and returns. Sellers aren't required to accept returns, exchanges, or provide a refund unless stated in the return policy on their listing. If the seller is willing to accept this return, be sure to settle on the details in a message before returning the item. If you are located in the European Union, some sellers are subject to comply with the EU Directive on Consumer Rights--see more detail on returns and exchanges in Etsy's Help Center.

When purchasing a registry gift, in the unlikely event that the item is damaged, doesn't arrive, or is not as the seller described, you may be eligible for Etsy Purchase Protection. In the event that there is an issue you'll be able to see whether or not the item qualifies for the program. Learn more about Etsy's Purchase Protection program in the Help Center.

Registrants can add specific customizations to items in their Etsy Registry. After selecting the item, you will be able to see the customization they selected in the sidebar. This will help ensure that you purchase the unique and customized gift that they will love.

For even more info, visit our registry help center

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