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This pattern is available in ENGLISH and RUSSIAN language.
This pattern is written in American Crochet Terms.

Set of Crochet and Knitting Patterns BREAKFAST, Crochet Play Food Patterns Set.

Make your own play food - BREAKFAST (FRIED EGG, BOILED SAUSAGE, BREAD, SWISS CHEESE). This will be the best toy for your children or a wonderful gift to your friends. Crochet toys can also be used as a kitchen decor.
Make really good stuff!

"BREAKFAST" - is a set of four patterns. FRIED EGG, BOILED SAUSAGE - Crochet Patterns; BREAD, SWISS CHEESE - Knitting Patterns.

Each of the patterns consists of PDF file with textual instruction of crochet/knitting and accompanying photos main steps of work. The list of materials used and the recommendations for the selection of yarn. To use this instruction you should have basic crochet and knit skill level (cast on, increase, decrease, basic types of stitches methods).

You need:
-white, yellow, beige, pink and brown colors yarn;
-crochet hook;
-single needles;
-needle with the round end;

The size of the sample is about 6-8 cm (2.5-3 inches).

I made detailed instructions and many high-quality photos for you.
Try it and you want to do more. Crochet - it's easy!

All Food Patterns https://www.etsy.com/shop/OlinoHobby?ref=hdr§ion_id=20026311

My shop https://www.etsy.com/shop/OlinoHobby

By purchasing you agree to the rules of its use:

1. It is prohibited to: change, reproduce, copy, distribute physically or on digital media; resell, translate into foreign languages (except for personal use only); publish online, in electronic or printed form; upload on the Internet for sale or for free use the tutorial or any its parts (text, photos).

2. You can freely publish and upload photos of the products you’ve made using this tutorial on the Internet. Please include me as the author's ideas :)

3. You can sell products made using this tutorial in a limited quantity as a private person.

4. You need an author’s special permission for commercial use of this pattern in case you are purchasing it for producing toys for mass sales or tutorial publishing. Contact me for more information in this case.

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BREAKFAST Crochet Knitting Patterns Set PDF - Crochet fried egg, Crochet boiled sausage, Knitted bread, Knitted cheese, Amigurumi Play Food

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