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What to Bring to a Craft Fair

The "Craft Fairs... It’s a Living" Etsy team has your packing list for the season of holiday markets.

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The Craft Fairs... It’s a Living Etsy Team is home to craft show vendors of all types. Discussions evolve each day on topics ranging from the finer points of tall displays to the best new mobile credit card processing device. The members teamed up to compile a packing list to help prepare you for these selling events. Read on to plan out what to bring for your display, for making sales, for your comfort, and for the great outdoors.

For Your Display

  • Inventory – Bring everything you have, even if you think it might not sell. It might be just what someone is looking for.
  • Displays – A visually appealing display will help you sell more product. Take advantage of the space you have. Consider tables, tablecloths, drapes, and stands.
  • Signage – Make sure you’re branding your booth with a banner or information about your products. Team Captain Fullofcraft always displays press clippings to inform the shopper and act as a conversation-starter.
  • Power Strip, Extension Cords and Lights – Just like your product photographs, you want to ensure you are accurately showcasing your items’ colors and textures.
  • Rolling Carts – Make it easy to load in and out.
  • Display Emergency Kit – Include safety pins, bungee cords, zip ties, scissors, twine and tape. You might not need them, but your booth neighbor will be thankful you’re prepared!
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For Making Sales

  • Change – Don’t miss a sale because someone doesn’t have correct change.
  • Business CardsMoo.com is an excellent resource for affordable business cards.
  • Mailing List Sign Up Sheet – Stay in touch with your new customers.
  • Credit Payment System — Setting up a card machine or a system that works with your smartphone may significantly increase your sales.
  • Business License or Permit – Check to see what is required in your state.
  • Receipt or Sales Book – It’s rare, but some customers insist on having a receipt. Make sure you’re keeping track of sales manually or with your payment device.
  • Packaging Materials – Sales bags, boxes and gift wrap options keep customers coming back for more.
  • Cash Apron or Fanny PackFullofcraft recommends keeping your cash on you at all times instead of keeping a clunky and easy-to-spot cash box.
  • Pens – How else are you going to write down notes about that custom order and collect all those newsletter sign-ups?
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For Your Comfort

  • Personal Emergency Kit – You never know when you need wet naps, lip balm, aspirin, band aids, lotion or sunscreen.
  • Water & Snacks
  • Chair
  • Craft Supplies – Take advantage of downtime to work on a project or make repairs if needed.
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For the Great Outdoors

  • Canopy, Canopy Walls, and Weights — Check in with the show producers, there may be specific requirements.
  • Extra Clothes — Pack a few layers for the weather and a hat to keep you warm or shade you from the sun.

Have questions about getting ready for your next show? Join the Craft Fairs... It’s a Living Team to get help and share your experience. Have something to add to the list? Share it in the comments below.

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Cheyne Little is Senior Product Educator at Etsy. Before joining Etsy as an Admin in 2011, she worked full-time on her accessory line and on the leadership team of her local Etsy Team in Texas.

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