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9 DIY Packaging Ideas for the Holidays

From marbled wrapping paper to customized rubber stamps, here are nine tutorials to help make your holiday presents and packages unforgettable.

By Katy Svehaug Dec 15, 2015
Photo by When it Rains Paper

Whether you’re thinking about gift giving or focused on fulfilling holiday orders, it’s always fun to add a splash of color and creativity to your packages. From clever gift tags to one-of-a-kind wrapping paper, here are nine ideas from around the Web to help inspire you as you wrap your gifts this holiday season.

1. Custom Rubber Stamps

DIY Stamp Carving for Holiday Packaging by A Beautiful Mess
Photo by Mandi Johnson

The perfect stamp can turn lackluster gift tags, notecards and kraft paper into a work of art. Head over to A Beautiful Mess to read Mandi Johnson’s tips for crafting custom rubber stamps. You might even decide to give your business cards a DIY makeover with your new skills — just be careful to keep your fingers clear when carving!

2. Hanging Origami Stars

DIY Origami Stars by Home by Linn
Photo by Linn Vikra

If you like paper folding, don’t miss Norway-native Linn Vikra’s tutorial for folding eight-pointed paper stars on her blog, home by linn. (The directions are in Norwegian, but Linn’s detailed photos provide plenty of instruction.) Add a loop of string before the final step, and these multidimensional creations make for a beautiful, low-cost addition to packages and gifts.

3. Plantable Hang Tags

DIY Plantable Hang Tags by Pulp Art
Photo by Pulp Art

If you’ve ever wanted to try your hand at making your own paper, plantable gift tags offer the perfect jumping-off point. Follow Pulp Art’s simple instructions on Hill City Bride for blending up your paper pulp, adding seeds and shaping your tags with cookie cutters. Don’t forget to let your recipient know about planting instructions.

4. Printable Gift Labels

Woodland Gift Labels by Design Sponge
Photo by Maxwell Tielman

For an elegant way to elevate your packages, don’t miss Maxwell Tielman’s printable woodland creature gift tags over on Design Sponge. The black and white designs won’t drain the color ink in your printer, and they look great on a neutral-colored card stock.

5. Speckled Kraft Paper

DIY Splattered Paint Wrapping Paper by Make It Home
Photo by Molly Winters

Channel your inner Jackson Pollock with this simple kraft paper project: Protect your work area with newspaper, water down some acrylic paints and flick your paint brush over your sheet of kraft paper to create a similar speckled effect. Check out Chelsea Fullerton’s post on Make It Home for more inspiration.

6. Fruit and Vegetable Prints

DIY Fruit and Vegetable Prints by the Chicago Botanic Garden
Photo by Julia McMahon

This kid-friendly printing approach makes for whimsical patterns and repeat prints. Follow Julia McMahon’s instructions on the Chicago Botanic Garden's website to learn how to repurpose fruits and veggies that are past their prime to create one-of-a-kind wrapping paper.

7. Marbled Paper and Gift Tags

DIY Marbled Paper by A Beautiful Mess
Photo by Mandi Johnson

Not only are marbled paper goods captivatingly beautiful, they’re also a joy to create. Once you master the technique, there’s no limit to what you can create, including marbleized papers and gift tags. Check out Mandi Johnson’s marbling tutorial for A Beautiful Mess, and learn about four different methods to try at home.

8. Dip-Dyed Wrapping Paper

DIY Dip-Dyed Wrapping Paper by Martha Stewart
Photo by

Turn your wrapping paper into a true work of art with this dip-dye DIY from Martha Stewart Living. You can create a variety of shapes and hues using rice paper and food coloring.

9. Printable Envelopes

DIY Printable Gift Envelopes by Delia Creates
Photo by Delia Creates

If you’re brainstorming packaging options for smaller items like cards, gift certificates or photos, you might enjoy these adorable printable envelopes from Delia over at Delia Creates.

How do you customize your gift-wrapped creations? Let us know in the comments.


Katy Svehaug

Katy Svehaug is a Brooklyn-based writer and maker. Follow her on the web at


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