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Announcing Etsy's Seller Advisory Board

Learn how to apply for the Seller Advisory Board — and find out about three other new ways to get involved in the Etsy community.

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Earlier this month, Heather Jassy, Etsy’s Senior Vice President of Members and Community, announced the upcoming launch of new community-focused initiatives to provide more ways for sellers to connect directly with Etsy. Today, we are excited to open the application for Etsy’s Seller Advisory Board, which will include 15 sellers from around the world who will advise Etsy on matters facing our community.

Why We Are Doing This

We have heard from sellers that you'd like to be more involved in providing input about the challenges you face as small business owners. With 1.5 million active sellers, it can be difficult to meet everyone’s individual needs, but we remain committed to using your feedback to inform our decisions. Through the Seller Advisory Board, we hope to start a deeper conversation between Etsy and our global community, which will help shape the way future decisions are made.

For the Seller Advisory Board, we’re looking for shop owners who will give us honest feedback and will also work alongside us to continue helping Etsy shop owners succeed. If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to apply! If you’d like to be involved in other ways, you’ll find some additional options below.

How to Apply

We want the Seller Advisory Board to represent the diversity of the Etsy marketplace, including new sellers, sellers who have sold on Etsy for many years, sellers who have quit their day jobs, sellers who run their shops in their spare time, sellers who make handmade items, sellers who curate vintage items, and sellers who provide craft supplies.

We encourage any active seller worldwide who is committed to advising Etsy on helping sellers succeed to apply. When we review applications, we want to learn about you and your passion for making Etsy better. Your account needs to be in good standing, and you’ll need to be able to take part in Board activities. Here’s what’s involved in participating in the Seller Advisory Board:

  • You’ll attend two in-person board meetings with senior Etsy Admin in our Brooklyn office (stipend for all travel expenses provided).
  • You’ll host two video meet-ups for other Etsy sellers, with assistance from Etsy Admin.
  • You’ll identify and advocate for the needs of Etsy sellers.
  • You’ll provide feedback to Etsy about the experience of selling on Etsy and our site features and tools.
  • You’ll advise Etsy on how we can better achieve and promote our mission and values.
  • You’ll help identify opportunities for Etsy to engage more deeply with sellers.

See the application for additional details. To be considered, please apply by November 16, 2015. We’ll update everyone in early December.

Other Ways to Get Involved

While spots on the Seller Advisory Board are limited, we value everyone’s feedback and hope you’ll consider getting involved in other ways.

1. Join a Subcommittee. In order to gather as much input as possible, we are organizing subcommittees of shop owners who represent various aspects of the Etsy community. Each selected Seller Advisory Board member will be hosting video meet-ups throughout the year with these subcommittees to discuss topics that will be reviewed later at the in-person Seller Advisory Board meetings, as a way to extend the conversation. Apply here to join a subcommittee.

2. Ask Questions for a Fireside Chat. Heather Jassy, along with other Etsy Admin, will be answering questions submitted by the community every second and fourth week of the month. You can submit your own questions via the Etsy Success Facebook page and watch the conversations on the Etsy Success YouTube channel.

3. Stay Informed with “What’s New On Etsy.” Each Monday, you’ll find an update of what’s happening on Etsy and any changes you should be aware of in the Announcements section of the Forums. You can also read our monthly Community News posts in the Seller Handbook.

Sharing your feedback and getting involved helps make the entire community stronger. We hope you’ll join us in working to help Etsy sellers succeed.

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Robert Brunson is on Etsy’s Community Outreach Team. His favorite things include biscuits, burgers, and his adorable dog, Shelby.

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