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Brainstorming Keywords for Tags and Titles

Ask yourself these questions to uncover the titles and tags that will help shoppers find your products.

By Michelle Spaulding Mar 20, 2017
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Labeling your listing with great keywords is the best way to get buyers to your item from search — both on Etsy, and from search engines like Google.

I created this list by analyzing our top search terms and categorizing the types of words and phrases buyers are searching for, so these can make great search terms. Also, make sure to read our step-by-step article about How to Get Found in Search.

Okay, let’s begin! Ask yourself these questions about your item:

1. What is it?

Example: necklace, jewelry, bowl, print

2. What is it specifically? What type?

Example: hoop earrings, v-neck sweaters, long sleeved shirt, cocktail ring

3. Who is it for?

Example: women, men, baby girl, children, girl, adult, pets, dog, teachers

4. What is the main material?

Example: leather, organic cotton, canvas, felt, metal, 14K gold, sterling silver, glass

Add the major material to your tags, if it is something you think a buyer might search for to find your item. Add minor materials or component materials to the “materials” box.

5. What is the main color?

Example: ivory, red, carnation pink, navy blue, neutral, rainbow, black and white

Buyers are not likely to look for minor colors in your piece, so stick to the main color(s) or important color combos. You should add basic colors ("green" or "red") to your item attributes as well as specialized colors ("mint green" or "fuchsia") to your tags.

6. What method or technique did you use to make it?

Example: hammered (for metal jewelry), burned (for woodworking), handspun yarn, appliqued, embroidered

7. Where will the item be used?

Example: kitchen, hair, office, beach, garden, car, nursery

8. What size is it?

Example: plus size, 1X, medium, XS, oversized, extra long, chunky, 7mm, 18in, 8 x 10 (art), 7.5 (shoes)

Depending on your item's category, you may be able to add this size information to your attributes, as well as your titles, tags, and descriptions.

9. What style is it?

Example: goth, victorian, hippie, punk, tribal, impressionist, post-modern, feminine, sophisticated, southwestern, Japanese

10. What imagery or motifs are on the item?

Example: owl, landscape, nature, plaid, geometric, floral, animal

11. Are there synonyms?

Example: infant for young babies, handbag for purses and clutches, kids for children, drink for tea, trousers for pants, travel mirror for compact mirror

12. What is the scent or flavor?

Example: chocolate, fruit, sweet, spicy (for bath and beauty and food items)

13. What era is it from?

Example: 1940s, mod, Victorian (for vintage items)

14. Is it related to a holiday?

Example: Christmas stocking, Valentine’s Day card, Halloween costume

Add this to the item's attributes.

14. What occasion is it for?

Example: birthday card, prom dress, baby shower invitation

Select the most relevant occasion in the item's attributes.

15. What is your Shop Name?

Consider labeling a few items with the name of your shop to make sure it appears if someone searches for you without first selecting “Shops” from the drop-down menu. A few listings will do, since buyers can access your shop from one of your items.

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