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How to Increase Your Item Views

Etsy shop owners share the techniques and strategies they use to increase the number of shoppers who see their items.

By Danielle Maveal Jan 19, 2010
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How do you get your Etsy items found by many? I started a dialogue to help answer this common question in the Etsy Forums, and the the resulting thread took on a life of its own, with sellers offering stellar tips too good to not share. For example, Etsy seller Shalana of Greendale, Wisconsin-based shop shalana suggests, "The more items in your shop, the more items that you have to be found on Etsy — that's my little theory!"  Read on for more "little" theories that could yield big results in your shop.

1. Use All Your Tags.

Make sure you are using all 13 of your available tags. Your item's tags are how buyers find your items in search, so if you aren't using all of them, you are missing crucial opportunities. The owner of Etsy shop Soov says: "I revisited each piece I had for sale and checked the tags. Yowsa! What was I thinking? I edited the tags and within days sold 3 pieces that had been in my shop for 9 months or more."

Not sure what tags to use?  The owner of Brooklyn, New York-based shop Theme Fragrance suggests keeping a notebook handy, where you can brainstorm descriptive words for each of your products. "Once you get going, it's quite fun. The notebook will serve as a great source of inspiration to return to" she recommends. For extra help, be sure to read Tag-o-rama with Descriptive Keywords.

2. Make Your Tags Relevant

Make sure your tags accurately relate to your item's style, very specific colors, textures, size and themes/motifs. Don't just copy and paste your tags from one listing to another. Varying your tags will get your work seen in many different searches.

Beth of Colchester, Connecticut-based shop Archeress adds, "One of the other things I've started doing lately, since I sell internationally, is to list my tag colors in the languages of the countries I sell to, as well as list the type of item (necklace, earrings, etc.) in the languages of the countries I sell to." It's smart to tag a few items in your shop with your business name, but reserve most of your tags for terms that apply to your items themselves.

4. Set Your Location

In your profile, make sure your location is set to City, State, Country. That way buyers who are using Shop Local are going to be able to find you. For Christy Pepper Dawson owner of the San Diego, California-based shop, this made all the difference. "I've gotten art shows and several invitations to craft fairs just by listing my location. People (myself included) love searching for local talent!" she points out.

4. Share the Love

Have I told you my favorite way to shop on Etsy is by browsing Favorites? "Hearting" other items and sellers can help people get to know you on Etsy, and maybe they'll like your work and heart you back! Don't just go heart-crazy and favorite every single item or seller you see. A discerning eye will help people understand your style and design sensibilities when they are browsing your Favorites. The Etsy community is pretty savvy, so always be authentic. The owner of Sunnyvale, Texas-based shop Lush Boutique says, "I love to promote other people's work on my blogs and Twitter as well as my own. It's a great way to spread the love and they usually reciprocate."

There are all kinds of buyers and sellers reading the Seller Handbook in addition to Etsy's main blog. If you leave a thoughtful comment on a blog post, you're bound to get people curious about you. They may even check out your shop or start to follow you.

5. Be Seen Off Etsy

The more content you create on the web, the more people are going to bump into you. If the content is interesting people will want to know more about you and will find your Etsy shop in the process. You may be wondering what I mean by content. This can be anything from a tweet on Twitter to a photo on Flickr or even just commenting on blogs you love. Just make sure it's not spammy. Nothing will get you ignored faster!

6. Fine-tune Your Photos

If your photos are bright, crisp and pack a punch, you'll get more views. Brush up on your photography know-how by watching our Product Photography for Beginners video.

If you feel you've already mastered the basics, don't stop there. Your product photography should be an ever-evolving art. Even if you feel confident in your product photos, new styling or seasonal updates can help your photos look current. Take your photos to a new level with our guide to making your photos publicity ready.

7. Don't Forget Google!

Describe your item very well (pretend that you are describing it to someone who can't see it) and include a descriptive title to help bring in traffic." The owner of UknowUneedAnother says, "Use the Google preview tool! It's located in blue underneath the actual item description box. This lets you concentrate your efforts on title and description character counts as will be picked up by Google."

This article was inspired by a Forums thread. I encourage you to read through the thoughtful responses shared by other sellers. Thanks to all who contributed their insightful tips.


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Before working for Etsy, I also managed two jewelry studios/shops in Toronto and Detroit, and even had my own gallery in Brooklyn. Then I found a really cool website that allowed me to sell my own work. Within 3 months, I quit my job and ran an Etsy shop full time (I almost hit 1,000 sales before Etsy hired me!). I sold work in 30 galleries and boutiques worldwide and taught classes in goldsmithing, acrylic plastic and metal etching…