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Improvements Coming to Etsy’s Community Spaces in 2019

We’re updating Teams and Forums to make it easier for you to connect with other sellers and grow your creative business.

By Kruti Patel Goyal Nov 5, 2018

The connections formed between sellers on Etsy make it a special place to run a business. In 2019, we’ll be updating our Forums and Teams spaces to make it easier for you to connect with other sellers, grow your creative business, and keep up with the latest Etsy news. As an integral member of the community, you’re getting an exclusive look at improvements in the works for next year. The following overview will introduce you to the refreshed community format, and share highlights of some of our favorite new tools and features.

Connect with other members

Making it easier to interact: Within Etsy Team and Forums threads, enhanced comment functionality lets you @mention and “like” other members’ posts. After posting a new thread, you’ll be able to select an accepted solution that indicates when another member’s reply addresses your question effectively.

Helping your voice shine through: Express yourself easily with an increased character limit and text formatting tools including bullets, numbers, and emphasis options like bold and italics.

Expanding topic sections in the Forums: We’re increasing the overall number of sections available in the Forums, and adding intuitive labels to surface the answers you need quickly. Plus, the new shop critique section provides an easy way to share and request feedback.

Communicate easily

Introducing improved notifications: Robust activity settings including onsite notifications and email alerts give you total control of how you follow along with community conversations, from new replies to threads you’ve created to @mentions from other sellers in the Teams and Forums.

Simplifying group-wide communication: Improved tools for Team Captains and Leaders make it simple to quickly communicate with all members, including a streamlined group messaging feature and a customizable announcements section on each team’s homepage.

Stay in the loop

Surfacing answers faster: With the addition of accepted solutions, increased Forum sections, straightforward post labels, and the ability to like and tag other members within threads, it’s easier than ever to connect with insights and information when you need it. You’ll also be able to search simultaneously across existing Forums and Teams threads to see what questions have already been answered by the community. You can even follow threads or saved searches that you want to pay close attention to.

Delivering the news you need: An Etsy announcements section throughout community landing pages will keep you informed on important site news and updates. In the Forums, an Etsy Success section will surface Q+As with staff and more facilitated programming all in one place. The most important news will also appear as an announcement banner within each Etsy Team, providing yet another way for you to stay informed.

Supporting Team Captains and Leaders: A dedicated team leaders resource page will include education, toolkits, and updates on opportunities for sponsorship. Plus, you’ll have access to self-service workshops and guides designed by Etsy experts to increase the success of team members.

What’s next

In order to put the finishing touches on these updates, we’ll be entering a brief read-only period in Teams and Forums spaces from January 10-22. During that time you’ll be able to view community content, but unable to post comments or start new discussion threads.

Starting January 22, members will have access to improved tools and features in the Teams and Forums spaces. Captains and Leaders will also be able to upload a team logo at that time (minimum 200 x 150 pixels). Additional information for Captains and Leaders about these updates can be found in this FAQ. We appreciate your patience while we finalize these improvements.

Please note: Forums threads without a comment in the past three years will not be available in the refreshed community space. If you have older Forums threads saved, you’ll want to jot down any pertinent tips or resources prior to the read-only period.


Kruti Patel Goyal

Kruti Patel Goyal is the General Manager of the Seller Services team at Etsy, which is responsible for building the tools and services our sellers need. The team’s mission is to build the best platform for creative entrepreneurs to start, manage, and grow their businesses.


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