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Marketplace Insights: 2020 Holiday Trends

Our annual holiday trend report guides you through the season’s key themes and biggest opportunities.

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This year, Etsy sellers have used two of their biggest strengths—creativity and agility—to rise to the challenge of meeting new demand. From the practical to the playful (think: face masks, mugs, and puzzles), you’ve pivoted your inventory to help shoppers find everyday basics and moments of joy during a difficult time. With the holidays approaching, and most shopping happening online, more shoppers will be looking for your help to make the season feel special. “Now more than ever, it’s important to give each other extra reasons to smile,” says Etsy Trend Expert Dayna Isom Johnson. “Whether inspiring shoppers diving into a new hobby or creating the most festive space possible, this holiday season is all about the things that lift people’s spirits.”

While we can’t predict exactly what this year’s holiday season will bring, we’re sure creativity will continue to have a seat at the table—and with no one as full of imaginative ideas as Etsy sellers, the opportunity is yours. Trends are evolving quickly these days, and we’ll be keeping you in the loop so you don’t miss a chance to shine. Read on to learn about the holiday trends worth tapping, and stay tuned for fresh updates through the season.

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Cross-category trends

Etsy bestsellers

Occasion opportunities



Major gifting holidays: Christmas and Hanukkah

New Year’s

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How to use this report

From small updates like tweaking your tags to dreaming up fresh designs, there are several ways to optimize your shop for the season keeping trends in mind:

  • Get inspiration for new products.
  • Update your photos with on-trend styling.
  • Refresh your Shop Banner with seasonal details.
  • Include seasonally relevant top-searched terms in your tags, titles, and descriptions.
  • Time your inventory to take advantage of upticks in relevant searches.
  • Choose which listings to promote through Etsy Ads.

Seasonal overview

The holiday season has always been Etsy’s busiest time of year, but this year, with more shopping happening online, and holiday shopping starting earlier, the opportunity to reach new buyers could be even bigger. The year-over-year (YoY) increases below were calculated by comparing search volume from July 2020 to July 2019.

Key timing updates

Shopping for holiday decorations and gifts typically peaks in November, but this year shoppers are getting started much earlier. List your holiday inventory now to attract early shoppers who may be anticipating potential mail carrier delays, ordering personalized items, or looking to DIY their own gifts and decor.

Important dates

  • September 7: Labor Day (US)
  • October 4: Harvest thanksgiving festival (DE)
  • October 12: Thanksgiving (CA)
  • October 31: Halloween
  • November 5: Bonfire Night (UK)
  • November 14: Diwali
  • November 26: Thanksgiving (US)
  • November 27: Black Friday
  • November 30: Cyber Monday/Week begins
  • December 6: St. Nicholas Day (DE and much of Europe)
  • December 10-18: Hanukkah
  • December 14: Christmas Jumper Day (UK)
  • December 21: Winter solstice
  • December 24: Christmas Eve
  • December 25: Christmas Day
  • December 26-January 1: Kwanzaa
  • December 26: Boxing Day (UK, CA, AU), Second Christmas Day (DE)
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve

Key opportunities

  • Etsy’s holiday season presents the year’s biggest opportunity for increased traffic and sales. This year, more shopping is happening online, and people are starting their holiday shopping earlier.
  • Holiday shopping typically begins with decor before shifting to gifting. This year’s focus may be more on decor than entertaining and hosting.
  • Introduce giftable items early and keep on hand through Cyber Week and December to capture early, peak, and last-minute shoppers.
  • Cater to a wide range of gift recipients, including shoppers who may be self gifting.
  • During last year's Cyber event, listings on sale sold at a higher rate than those that were not on sale. Keep an eye out for more information on how to take part in Etsy’s sales events.
  • You can help shoppers make this holiday season joyful with things like personalization, offering gift wrap, or including a handwritten note. Consider that many shoppers will be having gifts shipped directly to a recipient rather than giving the gift in person.

Cross-category trends

We expect these key themes to drive shopping through the season:

Purpose and meaning: Financial concerns and the giving spirit inspire people to shop more intentionally and practice mindful gifting.

Practicality: Shoppers are looking for everyday items that bring them joy and offer long-lasting quality and versatility. Products that work across multiple uses will be key.

Sustainability: Shoppers are still prioritizing items that limit their impact on the planet.

DIY spirit: Building on the boost in crafting we’ve seen recently, DIY experiences offer a creative outlet, are often kid-friendly, and support shoppers’ sustainability goals.

Connection and community: Shoppers are looking to show kindness for others and create holiday warmth even when physically separated.

Comfort: At home and in clothing, people are surrounding themselves with soothing colors and cozy items.

Personalization: This proven Etsy winner offers even more relevance as shoppers look for thoughtful ways to show they care from a distance.

Trending looks and motifs

Handmade feel: As shoppers increasingly tap into their own creativity, expect the artfully imperfect look of DIY decor and gifts to have growing appeal.

Retro holiday: A key callout in recent years, throwback styles continue to pique shoppers’ interest with nostalgic motifs, patterns, and palettes.

Cheerful citrus: Zesty lemons, cute kumquats, and bold blood oranges lead this fresh trend. Favorite seasonal fruits add a deliciously perfect pop of sunshine to holiday decor.

Indigo: We’ve been calling out the tie-dye trend for some time, and shoppers have been wild about it recently, so expect this natural, often earth-friendly version to make a holiday appearance.

Photos by Armadillo Judaica Lovers, Misha Zadeh, Paper Built Shop, Julie Richard Ceramist, Scarlet Darter

Etsy bestsellers

Consider adding any of these hit products to your inventory.

Seasonal bestsellers: top holiday performers
- Wreaths
- Personalized Christmas stockings
- Ornaments (for example, personalized and commemorative 2020 ornaments)
- Engagement and wedding rings
- Holiday pajamas
- Festive wall art and signs
New bestsellers: emerging key items
- Face masks and mask-making supplies - List masks in the Face Masks & Coverings category under Bath & Beauty > Personal Care for best visibility. Find more info here.
- Craft kits
- Children’s name puzzles and indoor climbing gyms
Everyday bestsellers: year-round favorites
- Mugs
- Personalized necklaces
- Bridesmaid robes and gifts

Occasion opportunities


Photo by Gracie & Marie

Timing: Searches typically pick up in September and peak the first week of October. This year, shoppers making their own costumes and decor may get started earlier.

Whether shoppers embrace the spookiness of Halloween or opt for cute over creepy this year, they’re bound to get creative. Building on months of quarantine-crafting momentum, DIY decor and costumes offer shoppers a fun way to make use of their new hands-on skills. Here are some trends to watch:

Outdoor and DIY decor

Expect a bigger focus on home decor this year, especially outdoor home decor, with DIY decorating becoming a festive activity unto itself. Offer decorating kits and materials early for shoppers looking to show off their Halloween spirit weeks before the actual holiday.

Twists on trick-or-treating

People are rethinking this traditional evening activity with new ideas like self-service treat stations, sanitation stations, scavenger hunts, and drive-through haunted houses and decoration tours.

Party alternatives

People are moving festivities outdoors, celebrating with small groups at home, and joining virtual gatherings.

Social sharing

Social media will have an even bigger role this Halloween as people flaunt their costumes and decor to friends and family they can’t see in person, or in lieu of parades and trick-or-treating.

At-home activities

Parents are looking to keep their kids busy and show them Halloween can still be fun even if it's celebrated at home. They’re whipping up tasty treats (as a swap for candy-filled pumpkins) and creating ghoulish crafts. Consider selling activity boxes, DIY sets, or recipe kits.

Costume trends

  • DIY costumes, including kits and downloadable patterns
  • Costumes that creatively incorporate masks into their designs
  • Ensembles catering to virtual celebrations with top-dressing details that will pop on screen (for example, Halloween jewelry like earrings, hair accessories, or elaborate makeup)
  • Coordinated costumes for the whole family, including pets
  • Seasonal tees featuring pumpkins and fall themes
  • Animal costumes for kids


Photo by Sand Snow Linen

Timing: Searches typically pick up in October and peak in November.

Gratitude and togetherness will be top of mind this year as people find new ways to gather. Keep an eye on these trends:

Small, intimate gatherings

Many people will celebrate in smaller groups than normal. But even if they’re keeping it simple, they’ll be looking for products that make modest events feel special.

Online celebrations

Virtual gatherings will get an autumnal update for Thanksgiving, as families come together despite being physically apart. Festive decor and props help to unify events: Hosts may even want to send guests coordinated place settings, or set a place at the table for the devices they use to connect with loved ones.

Outdoor dining

If weather allows, many may dine outside, keeping cozy with warm knits and blankets. Even indoor celebrations can have a rustic touch thanks to greenery and natural elements like pinecones.

Friendsgiving fun

Expect more friend gatherings as people who can’t travel to see family in person come together with housemates. Consider offering games meant for groups and lend first-time hosts a hand by offering staples and handy kits for DIY table decor.

Doing good

A spirit of thanks extends to essential and frontline workers. Help shoppers share their thoughts and kindness with gifts for those who’ve given so much this year.

Major gifting holidays: Christmas and Hanukkah

Explore tools and tips for shop owners of all experience levels to utilize during this unique holiday retail season in our Ultimate Guide to Holiday. Photo by Wild Rose & Sparrow

Timing: Gifting searches typically jump after Halloween and peak in early December. But this year, searches containing “Christmas” started picking up as early as April, and have steadily grown.

Early holiday search volume indicates shoppers are looking forward to the season, and began planning back in the spring. Stock holiday inventory as soon as possible to attract these shoppers, and keep these trends in mind:

DIY decorations

Shoppers will flex the creative muscles they’ve been developing over the last several months and decorate with a handmade touch. Look to decorating to become an activity unto itself, and a focal point of social media sharing.

Homemade gifts

Thanks to newfound crafting skills, people are interested in making their own presents. Supply them with materials, patterns, and kits, and stock up early to leave shoppers time to complete their creations.

Long-distance gifting

More people will be buying items to be shipped directly to their loved ones. Offer gift wrap or include a handwritten note on behalf of your customer to add a personal touch.

Care packages

We’ve seen a big boost in demand for care packages. Clever ideas include kits for cooking, crafting, self care, cocktail making, and kids’ and family activities.

Going green

Shoppers are gravitating towards natural home and beauty products, as well as packaging made from recycled or reusable materials.


Appeal to shoppers watching their budgets, and provide an easy entry point to your shop with a few lower-priced items that also make great stocking stuffers.

New Year’s

Photo by Vintage Royalty

Timing: Searches tend to spike in December.

New Year’s celebrations may look different this year, but many people may be eager for the possibility 2021 could bring regardless of how they’re marking the occasion. Here are some potential trends to consider:

Reimagined resolutions

As people look to a new year, they may broaden their goals beyond themselves, with sights on helping create a better world rather than just a new personal routine.

Overall wellness

Self care has been a big trend for a few years, and especially recently. Consider a focus on holistic wellness instead of just physical fitness.

New Year's care packages

These have been a big hit recently, and what better way to kick off 2021 than showing someone you care? Offer sets and kits for starting the new year off right with gratitude journals, goal-setting notebooks, and self-care products.

Range of celebration styles

Some may go all out to say good riddance to a hard year, and others may use caution, skipping large group gatherings in favor of calm evenings at home.

  • Comfort and glam: Expect some revelers to pull out all the stops and get gussied up in their fanciest frocks, while others may stay home in cozy sweats. For shoppers going out on the town, consider masks prime real estate for New Year’s messaging.
  • Daytime festivities: Many are moving towards kid-friendly “Noon Year’s Eve” brunch celebrations instead of late nights out.
  • Virtual toasts: Help shoppers ring in the New Year safely from home with items that make their online gatherings sparkle. Think fancy cocktail sets, matching backdrops and props, cheers kits including personalized champagne flutes, and decorations for showing off on social media.

Sales and promotions

Labor Day, Black Friday, Cyber Week, and Boxing Day (UK, CA) are popular moments for putting inventory on sale. Look out for more information on Etsy’s promotional plans. Read Get Your Shop Ready for the Holiday Rush to learn how we're planning to help you make the most of the 2020 holiday season.

Trends by category

Home & Living

Typically a key category through the season, we expect shopping for the home to be even more top of mind this year as people look to make their living spaces extra cozy. Fall and holiday decor may take center stage, with less of a focus on entertaining and hosting items if people scale back large holiday gatherings in favor of small, thoughtful celebrations.

Seasonal bestsellers: top holiday performers
- Wreaths
- Personalized Christmas stockings
- Ornaments (for example, personalized and commemorative 2020 ornaments)
New bestsellers: emerging key items
- Home office furniture and accessories
- Face masks and mask-making supplies - List masks in the Face Masks & Coverings category under Bath & Beauty > Personal Care for best visibility. Find more info here.
Everyday bestsellers: year-round favorites
- Mugs

Home & Living trends

  • Multifunctional home: Shoppers are looking to optimize where they live for multiple purposes, including work, school, exercising, and self care.

484% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “home office”

  • The grateful table: Even if they’re not seating as many dinner guests as in years past, tables are the heart of the home: a place for groups to slow down and enjoy quality time together. Key items include dining tables, coffee tables, bedside tables, and table legs.

  • Decorating as the main event: As focus shifts from attending parties to decorating one’s own home, shoppers will find more joy in the decorating itself, and use it as the subject for festive social sharing. Be sure to consider outdoor and lawn decor.

  • Nesting: Comforting coziness is key for shoppers looking to prep their homes for the season and ensure the holidays feel special.

  • Natural elements: Raw wood, dried foliage, and fresh greenery bring the outdoors in. Offer shoppers a touch of nature with rustic wreaths, festive garlands, or textured placemats.

  • Game night: Board games, playing cards, and puzzles have seen huge interest this year, and people are only more likely to play games over the holidays. Give your shop extra appeal by offering toys and games that look great on display.

140% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “puzzle”

  • Everyday items: Staples like face masks and coffee mugs are as popular as they are practical. Revive your offerings with updated styles featuring seasonal patterns and giftable designs. And consider marketing small items like face masks as stocking stuffers.
  • Self care: Help shoppers de-stress through the season, and give the gift of calm to their loved ones with all natural little luxuries like soothing bath bombs.
  • Pampered pets: We’ve seen growing demand for pet products as people spend more time at home with their four-legged friends. Think of new takes on classic pet beds, cat pods, toys, and treats. Also consider seasonal pet items like costumes and ornaments.
  • Cooking and baking: Interest in culinary pursuits has been picking up all year, and will likely heat up this season as people eager to use their growing kitchen skills spend more hours preparing meals and edible treats as gifts. Offer items for elevated home dining like table linens and serveware.

121% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “serving bowl”

Photos by Sand Snow Linen, juliepeach, Back Bay Pottery, , Wool Hugs, Armadillo Judaica Lovers, Quien Soy Shoppe, The Mountain Bluebird Company, Bread & Jam

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How we dress has changed over the last several months as more people began working from home and streamlined their everyday uniforms. Dressing for comfort could remain a high priority into the holidays, with people sticking to simple, versatile clothing and using statement accessories to dress up their look.

Seasonal bestsellers: top holiday performers
- Matching holiday pajamas (especially in the US)
- UK: Christmas jumpers
New bestsellers: emerging key items
- Comfort loungewear like sweatsuits (especially tie dye)
Everyday bestsellers: year-round favorites
- Tops and tees

Clothing trends

  • Festive yet relaxed: We could see a shift towards more relaxed partywear for lounging at smaller at-home affairs (think festive matching sweatsuits, loose dresses, and midi/maxi skirts) or ensembles designed for sparkling on screen (think party on the top, practical on the bottom). Photograph your clothing dressed up and down to show versatility.

472% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “sweatsuit”

  • Preparing for inclement weather: As people host more and more events outside, they’ll need more clothing that can handle all weather, like fashionable rain and snow gear.

  • Cozy layers: Shoppers are keeping warm in knits like relaxed cardigans (with coordinated bralettes), loose rib turtleneck sweaters, and highly textured materials like fleece, faux fur, and quilted fabrics.

80% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “cardigan”

  • Matching holiday pajamas and masks: Could this year’s holiday family photos feature matching fabric masks? Offer seasonally themed sets of pajamas, sweatsuits, and masks for the whole family, including pets. The more Instagrammable, the better.

  • Balloon sleeves: Statement shoulders make way for the latest voluminous look.

85% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “balloon sleeve”

Photos by LeMuse, VASlippers, Resha, Daniela Tabois, Gayane Lukasheva Homewear, DramaDrop, Daniela Tabois, Drama Drop

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Jewelry & Accessories

With its great range of price points and styles, this category is full of popular holiday purchases. We may see even more demand this year driven by upper dressing, holiday gifting, self purchasing, and engagement season.

Seasonal bestsellers: top holiday performers
- Wedding and engagement rings
- Statement jewelry
New bestsellers: emerging key items
- Holiday-themed masks
Everyday bestsellers: year-round favorites
- Everyday personalized jewelry, especially necklaces. Try updating this classic with pendant styles in various lengths for layering, and by offering charm options for sentimental appeal.

Jewelry & Accessories trends

  • Statement pieces: Shoppers are gravitating towards notice-me necklaces (like sculptural chokers) and dramatic earrings (think drop styles and chunky hoops) that really pop on screen. Jewelry and hair accessories that elevate work-from-home ensembles or fit for festive gatherings are a popular self purchase.

75% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “choker necklace”

  • Pearls: Give the statement earring a refined look by incorporating still-trending pearls.

  • Chunky chains: A key detail in necklaces, bracelets, and bags, the chunky chain is everywhere at the moment. Try offering detachable chains in various lengths shoppers can use to stylishly update their own classic bags, eyeglasses, and even masks.

94% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “chunky chain”

  • Engagement and wedding rings: December marks the start of engagement season. Offer rings featuring a range of stones appealing to different budgets.

  • Festive masks: Shoppers will be looking to pick up new, fall- and holiday-themed masks for a slew of occasions, from Halloween through New Year’s Eve. When selling masks, list new items within the Face Masks & Coverings category under Bath & Beauty > Personal Care for best visibility. Find more info here.

  • Bandanas and scarves: With temperatures dipping in many places, shoppers may look to bundle up and protect others in one go with flannel bandanas, scarf-mask hybrids, or hoods featuring mask and face shield elements.

  • Elbow-length gloves: This fun, dressy look could be popular among those who venture out to holiday gatherings. Offer in thicker knits for added warmth and practicality.

  • Belts: As voluminous tops and comfy clothes increase in popularity, so does the belt trend: for cinching waists to create shapes out of loose layers.
Photos by NavyAtelier, Grace Personalized, Stansberry, Daniela Tabois, badenmueller, Daniela Tabois, lumafina, d96p, Sophi Makes, EVREN

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Craft Supplies & Tools

Thanks to a recent surge in creative hobbies, people are heading into the holidays craftier than ever. Many shoppers will be scooping up supplies to make homemade gifts, or buying crafting kits as presents.

Seasonal bestsellers: top holiday performers
- Festive fabric
New bestsellers: emerging key items
- Mask patterns - List new items within the Face Mask Patterns category under Bath & Beauty > Personal Care for best visibility. Find more info here.
- DIY Kits
Everyday bestsellers: year-round favorites
- Fabric and notions

Craft Supplies & Tools trends

  • Holiday decor kits: Offer supplies and how-to instruction for creating must-have holiday decor like stockings or garlands.
  • Face mask making: As masks become a daily staple, expect continued demand for patterns and materials for DIY versions. Also consider the emerging trend of DIY mask holder chains.
  • Jewelry-making supplies: DIY jewelry making gained traction this summer (colorful beads, alphabet beads, and gold letter charms were popular) and could continue into the holidays for personalized gift giving with some autumnal or festive updates (think autumn hues and metallic beads).

96% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “beading kit”

  • Paper crafting: Shoppers are turning to this accessible material to make ornaments, origami, and cards. Offer fancy papers for scrapbooking and collage.

  • Knitting and crochet: These calming classics never go out of style, and only get more popular as temperatures dip.

46% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “knitting pattern”

  • Natural materials: Shoppers are incorporating dried foliage and flowers into wreaths and centerpieces. Paired with woodland creatures, this fits into the popular cottagecore aesthetic.

  • Sustainable crafting: People are salvaging torn objects and fabrics by mending in artful sashiko or kintsugi styles. Encourage shoppers to waste less by offering crafts that make use of common household items (for example, turn a tin can into an ornament with metallic paint, glitter washi tape, or embossing tools). Tap into the tie dye trend with natural dyes sourced from produce or spices.

  • Craft accessories: Knitting needles, project bags, scissors, and needle cases make great gifts for crafters.

  • Little helpers: Tools like washi tape, stickers, and colorful pens make staying organized fun.

  • Kid- and beginner-friendly kits: Create simple kits for popular crafts like embroidery, by including pre-printed fabric. Also consider stencils, numbered painting kits, and simple sculpting projects using self-hardening clays. Keep basic coloring materials in stock for easy comfort crafting.

230% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “embroidery kit”

  • Letter writing crafts: Help shoppers up their letter-writing game with calligraphy sets and personalized writing instruments.

354% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “letter writing”

Photos by Prettiest Print Shop, ByAdeline, Ponderosa Creative,Mighty Paper, Hoffelt & Hooper Co, iamnatdesigns, Barruntando Ceramics

Read about more recent Craft Supplies & Tools trends here.

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Paper & Party Supplies

Both nostalgia and a desire to escape from technology are fueling a sentimental revival of old-fashioned letter writing. People are putting pen to paper to connect with loved ones who they’re not seeing as often. Meanwhile, virtual gatherings are creating new needs for screen-friendly party accessories.

Seasonal bestsellers: top holiday performers
- Holiday cards
- Wrapping paper
New bestsellers: emerging key items
- Stationery and letter-writing kits
- Cards: Just because, thinking of you, miss you, and sympathy
Everyday bestsellers: year-round favorites
- Return address stamp

Paper & Party Supplies trends

  • Holiday cards: This seasonal staple could be bigger than ever as people look to send love from afar, show off their kids to family and friends, and spread a little cheer. Offer custom options, sets, or cards paired with return-address stamps.
  • Lasting greetings: Shoppers are stepping up their holiday card game with mantel-worthy keepsake versions made with enduring materials like wood and acrylic.
  • Lawn signs: Shoppers share their holiday spirit by using prime front-yard real estate for festive signs.

851% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “lawn sign”

  • Virtual party decorations: Paper props, banners, and holiday backdrops bring online gatherings to life. “Virtual baby shower invitation” is a popular search.
  • Classic correspondence: As people return to writing letters, we’re seeing more interest in notepads, blank notecards, writing paper, and personalized stationery.
  • Journals and planners: Expect heightened interest in items for self reflection, and tools for giving structure to the days.

62% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “journal”

  • Coloring: Kids and adults are turning to simply soothing activities like coloring with coloring books and pages.
  • Popular motifs: rainbows, plants and greenery, animals (including pets), uplifting phrases

94% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “rainbow”

Photos by SQUISHnCHIPS, The Stamp Press, adorationdesign, The Stamp Press, Ginably, The Dancing Cat, yardia, the parties that pop, k8acevedo, Nicole Marie Paperie, Sketchy Notions

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While many weddings have been cancelled this year, couples are coming up with creative ways to rethink their nuptials. As celebrations get reimagined, there are fresh opportunities for wedding sellers to introduce new products that offer much-needed solutions.

Seasonal bestsellers: top holiday performers
- Engagement and wedding rings
New bestsellers: emerging key items
- Change the dates
- Virtual event backdrops
- Wedding masks (for couples, guests, and the wedding party)
Everyday bestsellers: year-round favorites
- Gifts for the couple
- Bridesmaid robes and gifts
- Wedding signs

Wedding trends

  • Scaled-back ceremonies: Many couples are opting for small local ceremonies and taking the tasks of vendors into their own hands with DIY touches. Other emerging trends include staggered guest list shifts, and outdoor and drive-in weddings.
  • Low-key wedding dresses: Boho-style wedding dresses fit for backyard shindigs are growing more popular. Consider relaxed styles with loose silhouettes, less boning and structure, and more affordable fabrics like cottons.
  • Wedding gifts: Even with many celebrations downsized or postponed, people are still busy shopping for gifts for couples. Popular searches include personalized items.

116,763 searches on Etsy containing “wedding gift” during July 2020

  • Virtual celebrations: People are hosting online events beyond just the wedding itself. Also consider showers, engagement parties, or even bachelor(ette) parties when offering statement backdrops with signage and props made to sing on social media and screens.
  • Practical favors: People are distributing custom masks and hand sanitizers to their guests.

19,847 searches on Etsy containing “wedding mask” during July 2020

  • Bridesmaid masks: Offer masks in pretty patterns and personalized options for the whole bridal party.
  • DIY flower arrangements: Couples are opting for more casual decor for their revised wedding plans. Offer kits for composing simple bouquets or centerpieces using foraged, faux, or dried flowers.
Photos by Linen Lark, Gladfolk, Foxwood Lane, LeMuse

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Vintage provides shoppers a sense of whimsy, satisfies nostalgia, and offers sustainability appeal—all things resonating with shoppers these days. With one third of vintage purchasing on Etsy falling within the Home & Living category, vintage sellers are well positioned to appeal to today’s home-focused buyers.

Seasonal bestsellers: top holiday performers
- Festive brooches
- Retro holiday decor
New bestsellers: emerging key items
- Vintage fabric
Everyday bestsellers: year-round favorites
- Vintage tees
- Vintage home decor

Vintage trends

  • Party dressing: ‘80s party dresses offer a playful take on occasion wear with over-the-top details, frivolous ruffles, and big shoulders. Take the drama up a notch with bold colors like hot pink.
  • Retro frames: A nod to the grand-millennial trend, vintage spectacles are a fashionable and sustainable approach to eyewear. Try sourcing extra large, rimless, or aviator styles.

24% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “aviator sunglasses”

  • Festive brooches: Oversized brooches are a quick way to update a simple ensemble for the holidays and give it virtual party upper-dressing appeal.
  • Home items: With shoppers spending more time at home, interest in unique vintage furniture and decor could grow. Home Decor, Kitchen & Dining, and Furniture are among the best-selling vintage subcategories.
  • Holiday decor: Expect nostalgia to guide shoppers toward holiday decor with a true retro vibe. Think vintage santas, big bulb lights, and peppermint stripes.

36% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “vintage holiday”

  • Engagement rings: Vintage engagement rings are among the top 10 most searched-for jewelry types, with diamonds, opals, and moonstones being some of the most popular ring stones.
  • Vintage fabric: Historical bestsellers, cotton fabric, and fabric by the yard have seen even higher demand this year as face mask making has taken off.

80% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “vintage fabric”

  • Vintage tees: The top searched-for vintage item this year, vintage tees offer comfort and easy style in a nostalgic package. Come fall, watch for vintage sweatshirts to grow in popularity.

63% YoY increase in searches on Etsy containing “vintage tee” or “vintage t-shirt”

Photos by Better Stay Together, Mary Elizabeth Arts, Vintage Corner Goods, Galerie Penelope,The Idols Eye

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Recent reports:

Category-specific trends

Cross-category trends

Videos and webinars

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