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Advice and inspiration for successfully running your Etsy shop

Seller Handbook

The Ultimate Guide to Advertising

Learn how to maximize the impact of your advertising, from timing your Etsy Ads campaign effectively to deciding which listings to promote.

By Etsy Staff Feb 26, 2020

Want to get your products in front of more people? When done right, paid advertising can be a highly effective way to reach a new audience for your products—and drum up more sales for your growing business.

No matter the size of your business, this guide will help you understand what makes a successful ad campaign and how to start advertising your own business to potential customers using Etsy Ads. You’ll learn tips for creating a new advertising campaign, how to set the right budget, and how to get the most bang for your advertising buck.

The Essentials of Online Advertising

Advertising is one key tactic to help shoppers discover your products. Get to know the basics of online advertising to accelerate your marketing efforts.

Checklist: Get Your Listings Ready to Advertise

Use this cheat sheet to help optimize your listings’ advertising performance.

Getting Started With Etsy Ads

Your guide to advertising on Etsy, from setting a budget to what you can expect in the first month of your campaign.

7 Common Questions About Etsy Ads

Insights to help you understand how Etsy Ads work, including how your budget is used, and when, where, and what your ads might look like.

Understanding Your Ad Performance

Make informed advertising decisions with a clear understanding of the metrics that matter for your business.

3 Strategies for Optimizing Your Etsy Ads

Determine which listings in your shop inventory are the best candidates for Etsy Ads based on your performance data, budget, and goals.

Case Study: Fine-Tuning Your Etsy Ads Strategy

When sales in Brie Moore’s Etsy shop hit a plateau, she turned to advertising to help her hair accessories business reach its full potential.

Etsy Success Podcast: An Inside Look at Etsy Ads

Hear tips from an experienced seller and an Etsy expert on how to get the most out of your Etsy Ads campaign. Or, check out the transcript on the Seller Handbook here.

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