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Seller Handbook

The Ultimate Guide to Branding

Learn everything you need to know about creating a cohesive and memorable brand presence, from refining product packaging to customizing your shop home.

By Etsy Staff Jul 10, 2018
Photo by Knallbraun

Branding brings the unique story of your business to life, helping your shop stand out from the crowd and connecting your products with your target market. A clear brand identity has a lasting impact on everyone who encounters it, shaping the perceptions of potential customers, press, and competitors, and facilitating meaningful connections that resonate on- and offline.

This guide will help you define and fulfill your brand promise, establishing a framework that applies to every aspect of your business operations. You’ll learn how to develop a branded design palette, customize the appearance of your Etsy shop home, integrate your core values into external marketing and customer service communications, and create distinctive packaging and promotional materials.

Chapter 1: How to Define Your Brand

Stand out from the crowd and connect with your target market by identifying the qualities that make your business unique.

Chapter 2: Developing a Brand Design Palette

Learn how to establish a cohesive aesthetic by pinpointing the colors, fonts, and photography style that best reflect your brand.

Chapter 3: Customizing the Look of Your Shop Home

Tips for creating a strong visual brand using your shop icon, banner, and more.

Chapter 4: (Case Study) Telling a Brand Story with Styled Photography

Learn how Little Goodall uses lifestyle photos of kids at play to bring the magic of her children’s clothing line to life.

Chapter 5: Leaving Your Mark With Packaging and Promotional Materials

Create a memorable experience for shoppers with branded product packaging and print resources.

Chapter 6: (Case Study) Curating a Cohesive Vintage Shop

This Berlin-based seller used visual branding to transform a disparate product range into a streamlined shopping experience.

Chapter 7: Communicating Your Brand Through Customer Service

Learn how to highlight your brand’s personality across a variety of touchpoints, including one-to-one conversations, policies, and FAQs.

Chapter 8: How to Market Your Brand

Share your brand’s story on social media, in the press, and through email newsletters.


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