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Updates to Listing Categories and Attributes on Etsy

We make regular updates to categories and attributes based on your feedback and Etsy’s research. Learn more about the latest changes.

By Taylor Combs Sep 21, 2020
Photo by lafourmiele

There’s a ton of special items on Etsy, and categories help shoppers find just the thing they’re looking for. When you’re creating a listing, you assign it to the most specific category that fits your item. Shoppers can use categories to filter searches on Etsy and when they’re shopping using Etsy’s navigation menu. Categories also act as tags, helping us match your items with more relevant searches. You should select the categories that describe what your item is, not how it’s used or what it’s made for.

The category and subcategories you choose also determine which attributes you can add to your listing. You’ll have access to different attributes based on the category you choose. Attributes work in tandem with your tags and can affect your item’s placement in Etsy search.

We make regular updates to categories based on your feedback, changes on Etsy, and research on buyer and seller behavior. You can explore all of the categories on Etsy in this category list.

Going forward, we’ll update this article when we make any updates to listing categories on Etsy. If you don’t see a category that you think best describes your product, send us a suggestion via our feedback form.

September 2020 Updates

Attributes are extra-descriptive details you can add to your listings. We use attributes to create filters so we can help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for on Etsy. They can also help your listings match with shoppers’ searches on Etsy. We’ve added new attributes to the following categories. If they apply to your items, add them to your items.

New bag strap attribute

Now you can describe a bag’s strap style with the following options: Backpack, Crossbody, Shoulder, Top Handle, Wrist, or None. These attributes are available for listings in multiple categories including: Diaper Bags, Handbags, Shoulder Bags, Top Handle Bags, Purse Straps, Clutches & Evening Bags, Crossbody Bags, and Hobo Bags.

New size attributes for crochet hooks

We added new options you can use to describe the size of your crochet hooks.

New attribute for lighting fixtures and task lighting

Now you can add an attribute to describe where the light is meant to be used. Options include: Ceiling, Clip-on, Floor, Tabletop, or Wall.

New drawer attribute for furniture

Add an attribute to your furniture listings to describe the number of drawers the piece has. This attribute is available for listings in the following categories: Vanities & Nightstands, Dressers & Armoires, Dressers & Drawers, Buffets & China Cabinets, Coffee & End Tables, or Console Tables & Cabinets.

New shelf attribute for furniture

Describe the number of shelves a piece furniture has with this new attribute. It’s available for listings in the following categories: Bookshelves, Bookcases, Vanities & Nightstands, Buffets & China Cabinets, Coffee & End Tables, and Console Tables & Cabinets

New bath mat attribute for rugs

Selling a rug that’s meant to be used in the bathroom? Add the new Bath Mat attribute for Rug category listings.

July 2020 Updates

New attributes to describe face masks

We’ve added new attributes to the Face Masks & Coverings and Face Mask Patterns categories so you can add more details about the masks you’re selling. The new attributes are:

  • Size: Adult or Child
  • Filter Pocket: Yes or No
  • Nose Wire: Yes or No
  • Style: Bandana, Pleated, and Fitted
  • Closure: Elastic or Tie

New attributes for Hand Sanitizers

We’ve also added new descriptive attributes for Hand Sanitizer listings. The new attributes are:

  • Volume
  • Type: Gel, Foaming, Liquid, Spray, or Wipes

April 2020 Updates

We’ve added new categories to make it easier for shoppers to find your items during this time. Over the next few days, we’ll move some relevant listings to the correct category. You can update your listing categories at any time.

New categories for handmade masks

We’ve added a new category for handmade face masks called Face Masks & Coverings. We’ve also added a new category for patterns called Mask Patterns under Patterns & How-To in Craft Supplies.

  • Bath & Beauty> Personal Care > Face Masks and Coverings

  • Craft Supplies & Tools > Patterns & How-Tos> Patterns & Blueprints> Face Mask Patterns

Renamed beauty mask category

To avoid confusion between handmade masks and beauty products, we’ve renamed the Face Masks category in Bath and Beauty to Skin Treatment Masks.

  • Bath & Beauty>Skin Care>Facial Care> Skin Treatment Masks

Renamed craft supplies masks category

We’ve also renamed the face mask category under Jewelry Making and Beading Tools to Face Shields for clarity.

  • Craft Supplies & Tools> Jewelry and Beauty> Jewelry Making and Beading Tools> Safety Supplies> Face Shields

New category for hand sanitizer

We’ve added a new Hand Sanitizers category under Bath & Beauty. Make sure you’re following Etsy’s Prohibited Items policy when listing these items. Sellers who list items in the hand sanitizer category must comply with Etsy’s policies, including not making any medical or health claims. Sellers should also understand and comply with regulatory requirements that apply to a product they list. For example, the US Food and Drug Administration has rules for hand sanitizers (and some jurisdictions may not permit their sale). Additionally, shipping of hand sanitizers that contain alcohol may be subject to strict rules where Etsy Shipping Labels or other shipping options may not be used. See these United States Postal Service guidelines for more details.

  • Bath & Beauty> Personal Care> Hand Sanitizers

January 2020 Updates

New Presets & Photo Filters category

Sellers who offer downloadable Adobe Lightroom presets and other photo filters can now list those items in a new Presets & Photo Filters category.

New Clip Art & Image Files category

SVG files, Cricut patterns, and other downloadable files can now be added to the Clip Art & Image Files category.

Cribs & Cradles is now called Moses Baskets & Hammocks

The Cribs & Cradles category has a new name and has been moved from Furniture to Bedding. Items such as baby hammocks or swings should be listed in this category. Double check Etsy’s policies to ensure that the item you’re listing is eligible to be sold on Etsy.

New letter board and sign categories in Home & Living

We’ve added new categories for Letter Boards & Accessories, Marquee Letters & Signs, and Tapestries.

New attribute for art categories

An art mount type attribute has been added to most art categories, including Fiber Arts, Sculpture, and Glass Art. Use this attribute to describe where a piece of art can be displayed. For example, you might select Wall for a framed work, or Floor for a large statue.

October 2019 updates

New Style attributes

In Home & Living, we added new Style attributes for Home Decor and Bedding categories, so you can describe the style of the item. We also added new Style attributes for Bags & Purses.

New categories for baby products

We’ve heard your requests for more baby product categories, and now they’re here! We added new bedding categories for infants, including Baby Nests (portable padded play areas), Crib Bumpers, Crib Rail Covers, and Crib Skirts. We also added categories for diaper storage, including Diaper Caddies (for bin or basket organizers) and Diaper Stackers (for the hangable fabric bags), as well as new categories for Board Books and Piggy Banks.

Books, Movies & Music>Books

Children's Books>Board Books

Home & Living>Bedding

  • Baby Nests
  • Crib Bumpers
  • Crib Rail Covers
  • Crib Skirts

Home & Living>Home Decor

  • Piggy Banks

Home & Living>Storage & Organization

  • Diaper Caddies
  • Diaper Stackers

New Home & Living categories

There are now more ways to describe popular bathroom accessories, including Bathroom Scales and Bathtub Trays categories. We also added a dedicated category for Kitchen Islands.

Home & Living>Bathroom

  • Bathroom Scales
  • Bathtub Trays

Home & Living>Furniture

Dining Room Furniture>Kitchen Islands

New Luggage Cover category

We added a Luggage Cover category in Bags & Purses to help you better describe this suitcase accessory.

Bags & Purses>Luggage & Travel

  • Luggage Covers

July 2019 updates

New Style attributes

We added new Style attributes for the Accessories category so you can describe the style of the item. In Home & Living, we added Gothic as a Style attribute. In Wedding theme, we added Art Deco.

New categories in Accessories and Bags & Purses

We’ve added new categories you can use to describe your products, specifically Hat Pins & Stick Pins and Pill Boxes. Heads up: Hat pins are long thin pins meant to be stuck on a hat. Enamel Pins should go in the Pins and Pinback Buttons category. And Pill Box is a new category for things like pill organizers you might carry with you on the go. We’ve also added new Eyewear categories including Contact Lens Cases and Eyeglass Stands.

Accessories>Hats & Caps

  • Hat Pins & Stick Pins
  • Helmets>Motorcycle Helmets

Accessories>Sunglasses & Eyewear

  • Contact Lens Cases
  • Eyeglass Stands

Bags & Purses>Handbags

  • Purse Straps

Bags & Purses>Accessory Cases

  • Pill Boxes

New Furniture categories

We’ve added two new categories under Console Tables & Cabinets. Console & Sofa Tables should be used to describe more decorative storage pieces. TV Stands & Media Centers should be used for furniture designed to support television and audio equipment.

Home & Living>Furniture>Living Room Furniture>Console Tables & Cabinets

  • Console & Sofa Tables
  • TV Stands & Media Centers

New categories under Plumbing

Now there’s a dedicated Medicine Cabinet category for items meant to be used to store medicines. We’ve also added new categories for Faucets, Handles & Showerheads, Plumbing Pipes & Fittings, and Sinks & Basins.

Home & Living>Bathroom

  • Medicine Cabinets

Home Improvement & Hardware>Plumbing

  • Faucets, Handles & Showerheads
  • Plumbing Pipes and Fittings
  • Sinks & Basins

New Laundry Supplies Categories

There are now more ways to describe items in the Cleaning Supplies category, including Clothespin Bags, Dryer Balls, Ironing Board Covers, and Laundry Detergents & Soaps.

Home & Living>Cleaning Supplies> Laundry Supplies

  • Clothespin Bags
  • Dryer Balls
  • Ironing Board Covers
  • Laundry Detergents & Soaps

April 2019 updates

New categories

We’ve added a specific subcategory for Purse Straps in the Bags & Purses category. We’ve also added a subcategory for Highlighters & Luminizers to the Bath & Beauty category.

Bags & Purses>Handbags

  • Purse Straps

Bath & Beauty>Makeup & Cosmetics>Face

  • Highlighters & Luminizers

New dimension attributes for Home & Living

Now you can add dimensions like height, width, and depth to major categories in Home & Living, including Furniture, Home Decor, Lighting, and Storage & Organization.

We’ve also added dimensions to Art subcategories in addition to image size and overall size for Frames in the Home Decor, Weddings, and Craft Supplies categories.

October 2018 updates

New Weddings categories and attributes

We’ve added more specific subcategories to the Groomsmen Gifts and Bridesmaid Gifts categories, where appropriate, that you can use to describe the type of gift. You can find the full list below.

New categories

Weddings>Gifts & Mementos>Groomsmen Gifts

  • Accessories
  • Bags & Luggage
  • Cigar & Cigarette Accessories
  • Clothing
  • Drink & Barware
  • Groomsmen Proposals
  • Hangover & Survival Kits
  • Home Decor
  • Jewelry
  • Sports Equipment

Weddings>Gifts & Mementos>Bridesmaids Gifts

  • Accessories
  • Bags & Purses
  • Bath & Beauty
  • Bridesmaid Proposals
  • Clothing
  • Drink & Barware
  • Hangover & Survival Kits
  • Home Decor
  • Jewelry
  • Shoes

Weddings>Accessories>Bouquets & Corsages>Boutonnières

Accessories>Bouquets & Corsages>Boutonnières

New attributes

We’ve also added new attributes for wedding items. Adding these new attributes may help your listings appear in searches for these phrases.

  • Wedding Theme for listings in the Weddings category
  • Fold, orientation, theme, and season attributes for listings in the Weddings > Invitations category These new invitation style attributes are also available for for invitations listed in the Paper & Party Supplies category.

New Drink & Barware categories

We’ve added new options for Flasks and Travel Mugs in the Drink & Barware category and new Graphic attribute for listings in Travel Mugs and Mugs so you can describe the style of the graphic on the mug.

New categories

Home & Living>Kitchen & Dining>Drink & Barware

  • Barware>Flasks
  • Drinkware>Travel Mugs

New attributes

  • Graphic for listings in Travel Mugs and Mugs

New Pets category and attributes

If you sell leashes and collars as a set, you’ll now see the option to add your listings to a Pet Collar & Leash Sets category.

New category

Pet Supplies>Pet Collars & Leashes> Pet Collar & Leash Sets

New attributes

There are also new attributes you can use to describe Pet items. Adding these descriptive attributes may help you match with shoppers’ searches for these items.

  • Pet Type
  • Reversible and Reflective to describe the item’s features
  • Pattern so you can describe a leash or collar’s pattern

New Art & Collectibles attributes

When listing an item in the Painting, Photography, Prints or Drawing & Illustration categories, you can add new descriptive attributes including:

  • Subject
  • Orientation
  • Framing

New Electronics & Accessories attributes

Now when you list items in some categories in Electronics Cases or Decals & Skins you’ll see the option to add new descriptive attributes including:

  • Theme
  • Pattern
  • Glitter

New Slime & Foam attributes

There are new attribute options for listings in the Slime & Foam category including:

  • Texture
  • Additives

August 2018 updates

Here’s a look at some of the categories we’ve added or changed.

Expanded options for Clothing

Adding more specific categories to your listings can help shoppers find exactly what they’re looking for. We added more specific subcategories to the Clothing category, including:

  • Graphic Tees and Tanks in Men’s, Women’s, and Kids’
  • Expanded categories for Women’s Swimwear, including Bikinis, Tops, and Bottoms
  • Jeans in the Girls’ Clothing, Boys’ Clothing, and Unisex Kids’ Clothing categories. We also added new attributes for style, wash, fly, and cut.
  • Leggings in Kids’ Clothing and Men’s Clothing
  • Overalls for all genders and ages

We also added new attributes to the Clothing category, such as size and style. When you add size information, you’ll be able to choose which country’s size chart to list your item in and we’ll automatically convert those sizes to a shopper’s local size chart.

We renamed two clothing categories. Activewear is now Sports and Fitness. You should choose this category for clothing that can be worn during exercise and for sports uniforms.

New slime category

Now you can choose Slime & Foam as a subcategory in Toys & Games.

More subcategories in Menstrual Care

Now you can add more specific subcategories to Menstrual Care (in the Bath & Beauty category), including Pads & Pantyliners and Tampons.

Removing Holiday and Occasion Attributes from some categories

When you add categories and attributes to your listings, you should use the most specific Holiday and Occasion options that accurately describe what your product is. That helps us improve the chances of showing relevant search results to shoppers. For example, stockings or ornaments should have the Christmas attribute, but a watch shouldn’t—even if it would make a great gift for dad. You also don’t need to update them seasonally since a Valentine’s Day card is still a Valentine, even in September.

We’re removing Holiday and Occasion attributes from some categories to prevent listings from being incorrectly categorized. You should add Holiday and Occasion attributes only to items that are used specifically for the holiday or occasion, not because it’s an appropriate gift for the occasion. If you’ve already added these attributes to your listings, they won’t be removed, but when you create new listings in the future, you won’t be able to add those options.

New subcategories added

This is a complete list of the new categories we’ve added in this update. To add these subcategories to your listings, go to your Listings page in Shop Manager


  • Hand Fans

Bath & Beauty>Personal Care>Menstrual Care

  • Pads & Pantyliners
  • Tampons
  • Period Underwear

Clothing>Boys’ Clothing

  • Tops & Tees>Dress Shirts & Button Downs
  • Tops & Tees>Polos
  • Tops & Tees>Tanks
  • Tops & Tees>Graphic Tanks
  • Tops & Tees>T-shirts
  • Tops & Tees>Graphic Tees
  • Jeans
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>One-Piece
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Sets
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Sleep Shorts & Bottoms
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Tops
  • Sweaters>Cardigans
  • Sweaters>Pullover Sweaters
  • Sweaters>Sweater Vests
  • Socks & Leg Warmers>Leg Warmers
  • Socks & Leg Warmers
  • Leggings
  • Overalls & Coveralls

Clothing > Girls’ Clothing

  • Tops & Tees>Blouses
  • Tops & Tees>Polos
  • Tops & Tees>T-shirts
  • Tops & Tees>T-shirts>Graphic Tees
  • Tops & Tees>Tanks
  • Tops & Tees>Tunics
  • Vests
  • Jeans
  • Footies & Rompers>Footies
  • Footies & Rompers>Rompers
  • Shorts & Skorts>Shorts
  • Shorts & Skorts>Skorts
  • Tops & Tees>Crop & Tube Tops>Crop Tops
  • Tops & Tees>Crop & Tube Tops>Tube Tops
  • Underwear>Camisoles
  • Underwear>Petticoats
  • Underwear>Slips
  • Underwear>Training Bras & Bralettes
  • Underwear>Panties
  • Leggings
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Night Gowns & Tops
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Rompers & One-Piece
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Sets
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Sleep Shorts & Bottoms
  • Sweaters>Cardigans
  • Sweaters>Pullover Sweaters
  • Sweaters>Sweater Vests
  • Tops & Tees>Tanks>Graphic Tanks
  • Sweaters>Shrugs & Boleros
  • Socks & Leg Warmers>Tights & Hosiery
  • Overalls

Clothing > Men’s Clothing

  • Shirts & Tees>Tanks>Graphic Tanks
  • Leggings
  • Shirts & Tees>T-shirts>Graphic Tees
  • Harnesses
  • Overalls & Coveralls
  • Pajamas & Robes>One-Piece
  • Pajamas & Robes>Shorts

Toys & Games > Toys

  • Slime & Foam

Clothing > Unisex Adult Clothing

  • Socks & Hosiery>Athletic Socks
  • Socks & Hosiery>Hosiery
  • Tops & Tees>Tanks>Graphic Tanks
  • Leggings
  • Tops & Tees>T-shirts>Graphic Tees
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>One-Piece
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Sets
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Tops
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Sleep Shorts & Bottoms
  • Overalls & Coveralls
  • Skirts & Kilts

Clothing > Unisex Kids’ Clothing

  • Jeans
  • Leggings
  • Overalls
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>One-Piece
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Sets
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Sleep Shorts & Bottoms
  • Pajamas & Robes>Pajamas>Tops
  • Skirts & Kilts
  • Tops & Tees>Dress Shirts & Button Downs
  • Tops & Tees>T-shirts
  • Tops & Tees>T-shirts>Graphic Tees
  • Tops & Tees>Tanks
  • Tops & Tees>Tanks>Graphic Tanks
  • Tops & Tees>Polos
  • Vests

Weddings > Clothing

  • Jumpsuits & Rompers

Clothing > Women’s Clothing

  • Lingerie>Corsets>Neck Corsets
  • Tops & Tees>Tanks>Graphic Tanks
  • Lingerie>Panties>Period Underwear
  • Bodysuits & Catsuits>Catsuits
  • Tops & Tees>T-shirts>Graphic Tees
  • Socks & Hosiery>Boot Socks & Cuffs>Boot Socks
  • Socks & Hosiery>Boot Socks & Cuffs>Boot Cuffs
  • Swimwear>Bikinis & Sets
  • Swimwear>Tops
  • Swimwear>Bottoms
  • Swimwear>One-Piece
  • Swimwear>Rash Guards
  • Swimwear>Swim Caps
  • Swimwear>Cover-Ups
  • Pajamas & Robes>Rompers & One-Piece


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