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Updates to Pattern: New Ways to Customize Your Site and Interact With Your Customers

Now you can customize your cover photo, shop icon, About section images, listing titles and descriptions on Pattern. Find out what else is new.

By Emily Reid Mar 7, 2017
Pattern by Etsy Blog Comments New Theme

Pattern empowers you to grow your brand and business through the creation of a personalized storefront that reflects your individuality. We make regular updates to Pattern to give you even more options for creating the website that’s right for your business.

This month, we’re introducing a new theme that highlights related items from your shop on product pages, the option to add comments to your blog posts so you can interact with your readers, and a redesigned post-purchase Thank You page that puts your social media and newsletter sign-up form front-and-center. We’re also giving you more control over the content on your Pattern site. You can now upload a cover photo, shop icon and About page images that are unique to your Pattern site and customize the listing titles and descriptions your Pattern shoppers will see. You’ll also be able to add a Contact Us page to share more information about where your customers can find you. Read on to learn more about these updates.

What’s New

Customize your Pattern storefront

  • Customize your cover photo, shop icon, and About page images for Pattern: Your brand is totally unique, now the imagery on your Pattern site can be too. Upload a different cover photo, shop icon, or About page images directly to your Pattern site. Also, you can now add a cover photo to three more of the themes available on Pattern: Swatch, Chiffon, and Trellis. These updates are all part of the new Pages section within your Pattern Dashboard, giving you the ability to edit text and images on your site quickly and easily within a preview of your site. Learn more about updating your imagery.
  • Unique titles and descriptions for listings on Pattern: Give shoppers the information they need by customizing your listing titles and descriptions on Pattern. As always, your listings are synced from Etsy, but now you can edit the title and description for each of the listings in your Pattern shop. Changes made to the text on your Pattern listings won’t affect what shoppers see in your Etsy shop. Learn more.
  • Add a Contact Us page to your Pattern site: Give your customers and members of the media more information about how they can reach you or where they can shop your products with a Contact Us page. Learn how to add a Contact Us page.
  • Introducing Zephyr, a new mosaic-style theme: Zephyr lets you use your Etsy shop’s cover photo as a banner on your Pattern site, and offers a collage layout on your homepage that displays your product images in a grid. With Zephyr as your theme, shoppers will also see related items from your shop on individual listing pages. Preview Zephyr in your Pattern site.

Engage with your customers

  • Comments available on blog posts: Start a conversation with your customers by allowing comments on your Pattern blog posts. With comments powered by Disqus, shoppers will be able to easily log in with Disqus, Facebook, Google or Twitter to leave a comment. Learn more about comments on your Pattern blog.
  • Easy estimation of shipping costs for shoppers: Your customers can now get estimated shipping prices before they add an item to their cart by entering their location. This gives shoppers more information about total costs before they complete their purchase.
  • More ways to stay in touch on the Thank You page: When shoppers complete their purchases on your Pattern site, they’ll see links to any social media accounts you’ve connected and an option to stay in touch by signing up for your MailChimp newsletter. Learn more about connecting your Pattern site to MailChimp.

Easily manage your website

  • SEO tools to help your site get found: A sitemap gives search engines the information they need to know about what’s on your site — think of it like a table of contents for search engines. An XML sitemap for your Pattern site will be automatically created and updated if you add pages, such as blog content or new listings. We built this feature with Google's best practices in mind.
  • Easily renew your domain: If you purchased your website domain through Pattern, you’ll be able to renew your purchase in the Pattern dashboard. You’ll also have the option to turn on auto-renew. Learn more about renewing your domain.

Learn More

Learn more about the latest Pattern features in the release notes and get all the info you need to start using these new tools on your Pattern site in the Pattern Help Center.


Emily Reid

Emily is an Etsy Admin on the Product Education team. She lives in Brooklyn, NY where she reads, bakes, embroiders, and stalks dogs on the street.


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