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Using Shop Sections to Help Holiday Shoppers

Help holiday shoppers find exactly what they're looking for with one of these shop organization techniques.

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You've stocked your shop with holiday goodies, you've taken great photos, you've cleared your calendar, and you are ready for the holiday stampede. Your shop looks fly, and you need your customers to look at more than just your cute featured items. Enter shop sections. Help your customers hone in on what they need, and make it easy for them to cross off each item on their holiday shopping lists. This is the time of year when we shoppers are super organized.

Organize by Shipping

Shop owner topsyturvydesign has a great way to get her customers looking at crafts that will ship to suit their holiday needs. This is especially excellent for the nearing Thanksgiving holiday, since she has made it easy for customers to look at the hats that will get to them on time.

Organize by Size

Another great use of the Shop Sections is to organize by size.  As a shopper, I am so grateful when I can go right to the clothes, rings or shoes that fit me. This is great even for totes and bags, as it can be difficult to gauge size from a photo unless there is a scale reference. Small, medium and large is an economical way to use your shop sections, as you can create up to ten.

Organize by Price

Bath and body sellers, or other sellers that make use of gift baskets or groupings, can get a lot of mileage from using their shop sections to organize by basket and price. During the holidays, many shoppers have a budget that they have in mind for each one of their special people. For example, if I know that I'd like a luxurious bath basket for my mom, I am chuffed when I can use a shop section to go directly to: Gift Basket 70-100 dollars. And for my cousin? Gift Basket 30-50 dollars. Perfect.

Learn how to create and manage your Shop Sections here.

Comment below if you've used these techniques and seen the effects! Shoppers, do you like to shop with sections?

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I curate shopping content as a Merchandising Specialist for Etsy. I've been with Etsy since 2006, and spent my first three years with our Customer Support team. I have a background in fine art, and spent some years making jewelry with Rebekah Brooks.

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