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Using Stats to Track Visits and What They Mean for Your Shop

Visits represent each customer who enters your virtual store. Comparing your visits to other shop data can help you identify areas for improvement.

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Your Stats tracks visits, the number of people browsing your shop. Picture each visit you receive as a shopper visiting a boutique. That person might walk in, take a quick glance, and leave right away, or maybe browse around, picking up multiple products during the visit. Measuring traffic in visits is an industry standard, because visits represent each opportunity you have to make a sale.

Don’t be surprised when you start exploring your Stats if your visits are lower than the views you may be used to. Because visits represent each shopper who “enters” your online shop (not each page they view), your visits will be lower than your views. Read on for more ways to learn from your visits.

Explore your data

Looking at your visits in comparison to other metrics, like views and revenue, can help you understand how shoppers are navigating your shop. Use the Explore your data graph on the Traffic tab of your Stats to easily compare all your metrics.

  • Compare visits to views: This can help you understand how engaged your customers are. If your visits and views numbers are similar, that might mean that shoppers are visiting your shop, but not spending much time exploring multiple pages. Linking from your listings descriptions to related items in your shop can keep them exploring.
  • Compare visits to orders: Use this comparison to understand how much traffic you need to make a sale, or your conversion rate. Read Set Goals for Your Business by Tracking the Stats that Matter for more on conversion rate.
  • Compare against how you were doing last year: If you’re concerned about a trend in your Stats, compare the numbers to last year (if applicable) to see how they differ. Look for moments when you had large drops or gains and make note of what kind of marketing you were doing at that time, or whether timing, like a shopping holiday falling on a weekend, could have impacted your visits.

Get insights into your listings

In the Listings tab, you can quickly see which listings are viewed, Favorited, and sold most frequently. Look at how your listing views and revenue compare. The data in the Listings tab can help you see which products are bringing you the most visits and sales. Consider promoting those listings in your marketing on social media or elsewhere. You may also want to consider retiring and revamping items that have very low views or sales, so you can focus your energy on your top performers. Buyers visit your top viewed listings for a reason. Use that information to turn those visits into sales.

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Lil is a product educator at Etsy who helps sellers start and grow their shops with tools like inventory management and Stats.

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