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Advice and inspiration for successfully running your Etsy shop

Julie Schneider

Julie Schneider

When Julie Schneider isn’t writing and editing Etsy’s Seller Handbook, she’s carrying on her family’s pun tradition or scheming in her cozy art studio. Keep up with her latest projects at and on Instagram.

Inspiring Workspaces: PataPri

In a seaside sunroom overlooking Mount Fuji, this Japanese screenprinter makes baby blankets and bags for her 10-year-old Etsy shop.

By Julie Schneider May 16, 2017

How to Create Craft Supply Listings That Sell

Learn how to use eye-catching product photography and detailed descriptions to attract customers and increase sales of your craft supplies.

By Julie Schneider Apr 4, 2017

Quit Your Day Job: Beardbangs

Since graduating from art school, this ceramicist has built a successful business and community art space in Montreal, in less than three years.

By Julie Schneider Mar 28, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: (r-ki-tekt)

In an impeccably organized home studio in Atlanta, this Etsy seller makes bold accessories inspired by her Caribbean roots.

By Julie Schneider Feb 28, 2017

Quit Your Day Job: Pelham Goods

These newlyweds make a living creating fashionable iPhone cases by hand in Santiago, Chile. They've used their success to champion local artists.

By Julie Schneider Feb 9, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: Lemuette

After printmaking took a toll on her health, this Etsy seller reimagined her workflow.

By Julie Schneider Jan 31, 2017

Inspiring Workspaces: Purgatory Pie Press

This New York City studio is a typography treasure trove of antique wood and metal type. And a lot of the equipment was free (with a bit of schlepping).

By Julie Schneider Dec 20, 2016

Inspiring Workspaces: Two Potters

This husband-and-wife team transformed a crumbling dairy farm in Vermont into a solar-powered pottery studio with a colossal wood-fired kiln.

By Julie Schneider Nov 29, 2016

Quit Your Day Job: Sartorial Matters

With an eye for quirky prints and superb tailoring, Johanna Bommelin makes a living selling hand-picked vintage fashions from her home in Edinburgh.

By Julie Schneider Nov 8, 2016

How to Craft a Killer About Section

Telling the story behind your business can create a connection with customers – and boost your visibility. Learn how Etsy sellers are doing just that.

By Julie Schneider Sep 30, 2016
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